I Flew for 14 Hours Straight and Didn’t Have Any Neck Pain Thanks to This Memory Foam Travel Pillow

It’s easily packable and worth every penny.

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Ostrich Neck Pillow 14 Hour Flight Review

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I recently traveled to Singapore for the first time, and despite being overjoyed, I found myself ridden with more anxiety (than usual). It wasn't culture shock or being all alone in a foreign country that had me worried. Instead, I was nervous about embarking on one of the world's longest commercial flights, direct from San Francisco to Singapore, in economy.

I’m no snob (okay, so what if I am?) but being stuck anywhere for 14-plus hours next to anyone is going to make me upset. I could be on a private island with my partner, and I’d probably be on edge if we had to stay seated the whole time. When you add the fact that the seat only goes back 15 degrees, and there’s potential for a screaming kid somewhere aboard the aircraft, I was ready to have a meltdown (bigger and better than the one the imaginary kid would have, easily). So, I started searching for things that might make my flight more enjoyable. Noise canceling headphones topped the list, then a good book, and the last thing I needed was the kicker that helped me make it back from Southeast Asia in one piece — a humble neck pillow, the Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow to be exact. 

Ostrichpillow Go - Luxury Travel Pillow


To buy: amazon.com, $60

But this isn’t just any neck pillow — it’s a luxurious, ergonomic memory foam pillow that hugs your neck with 360-degree coverage, meaning no matter which way your head tilts on the plane, you’re covered. The 10.5-inch by 9.5-inch by 6-inch pillow also compresses up to 60 percent, making it a compact, easily packable addition that can fit right in a carry-on. And best of all, it’s got a machine washable cover, too.

I was and still am the first person to judge anyone in an airport wearing just any old neck pillow, but I’ve seen the light. They are brilliant — at least, this one is. The the Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow is more of a wrap than your typical travel pillow, and the end result is something that is shaped more like the neck brace I had to wear in high school after getting whiplash during a snowboarding accident (which makes it seem way cooler than it was). It’s the type of design you would expect from the brand behind something Moira Rose wears. 

But flying has something uniquely in common with Schitt’s Creek: We’re all just trying to get out of there. This makes the endeavor all about comfort, especially when, as I mentioned earlier, you’re saddled in economy. And while I might’ve looked silly, I slept way better than the guy next to me. How do I know? He asked me if he could borrow the neck pillow halfway through the flight.

Not a chance, dude. This thing is a memory foam wonder. Because of the supportive cushioning and the velcro to ensure a tight wrap, my (big) head stayed upright and in a comfortable position. I didn’t have any neck pain the next day, which was honestly strange because I’ve had neck pain everyday since I turned 25.

For style preferences, I opted for the gray color to match my sweats (because I’m classy). But if you prefer a black one, which screams that you’re traveling for business, not pleasure, in my opinion, you can have it. Here’s a picture of me sporting the neck pillow in all of my glamour.

Ostrich Neck Pillow 14 Hour Flight Review Author Photo

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Beyond being comfortable, one of my favorite things about the pillow is that it packs down small. You roll it up, kind of like a cinnamon bun, and put it inside a little pouch. It’s much sleeker than its counterparts that dangle off of backpacks, whipping around aimlessly throughout baggage claim, and because it nestles inside of my bag, I like to think it's much more hygienic, too. 

I won’t go as far as saying this neck pillow prevented jet lag (there are other cures for that,) but the Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow did get me through the flight of a lifetime twice. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m even considering bringing it on a flight from LA to San Francisco. Couldn’t hurt, right? 

At the time of publishing, the price was $60.

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