Shoppers Say These Anti-aging Facial Toning Devices ‘Worked Wonders’ on Fine Lines — and Now They're on Sale

Grab these lifting and sculpting devices at a discount for a limited time.

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Anti-Aging Facial Toning Device Sale

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When packing your skincare for travel, consider adding a facial toning device to your carry-on. These little tools are the secret to giving your face a quick, spa-level lift and contour. And whether you’re looking for skincare to use on a long flight or trying to find a daily solution for fading fine lines, NuFace is here to meet these needs.   

The popular skincare brand is well known for its firming, wrinkle-fading microcurrent technology, and its facial toning devices have even been used by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Molly Sims. If you’re looking to stock up, now is a good time — you’ll save more right now during the brand’s Friends and Family Sale. Grab everything from NuFace’s collection (while it’s still available) from anti-aging, toning devices to skincare for 20 percent off until March 6. 

NuFace Mini+ Starter Kit

nuface MINI+ Starter Kit


This Mini+ kit is one of NuFace’s best-selling facial toning devices for its compact design and effective results to blur fine lines and wrinkles. It’s user-friendly with even more support through NuFace’s App for custom treatment guides, tutorials, and a tracker to see your skin’s improvement over time. This device uses microcurrents to contour and firm the skin while enabling lymphatic drainage and improving circulation throughout the face and neck. You’ll get all of these skin treatments in one small (but mighty) device that easily fits in your carry-on. 

One shopper in their 40s said that their wrinkles are “less noticeable” and their jawline is “more defined” while another called it a “little gadget” that has “worked wonders” for their skin. A third shopper in their 50s mentioned that this device is “easy to travel with” and that their face looks “lifted and smooth.” 

To buy:, $196 (originally $245)

NuFace Trinity Starter Kit

NuFACE Trinity Starter Kit


The Trinity device is your at-home professional facial toning device that tackles skin concerns across your face and neck. Think of it as a five-minute face lift with that NuFace microcurrent technology to contour your cheeks and jawline, and to help fade fine lines and wrinkles. It also uses red light therapy to target dark spots and discoloration.    

This set comes with everything you need, including the device, charging station, and serum, so you can indulge in a face toning routine while at home or on vacation. You can even add attachments like the wrinkle reducer or this lip and eye tool to your Trinity device to address these skin concerns and areas.  

A shopper in their 50s who’s been using this device and its attachments for two years said they “no longer need Botox” thanks to its tightening and toning results. Another person in their 40s called it the “best anti-aging device” for “more firm” and “less saggy” skin around their eyes.  

To buy:, $272 (originally $339)

NuFace Fix Starter Kit

NuFACE FIX Starter Kit


For those who want to focus on reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, this line-smoothing device will do the trick for areas around the eyes, lips, and forehead. It’s a handheld device that instantly blurs creases in these parts of your face, and it can also be used to create fuller looking lips. Similar to the other NuFace devices, the Fix device has gentle microcurrents to smoothen fine lines in just three minutes. This starter set includes the narrow Fix device, a charging cable, and gel-like, travel-size serum, so you can easily pop it into your carry-on or purse for your flight. 

Shoppers love this device for its quick results. One shopper who likes to use their Fix before special events said that it’s “easy to use and great for travel.” A person in their 40s said they use it daily for a “very quick tightening” along their forehead and under-eyes. A third reviewer called this device a “total game-changer,” and mentioned that they don’t need lip fillers anymore.   

To buy:, $128 (originally $159)

Head to NuFace and grab one of these travel-friendly facial toning devices before your next vacation. You can lift and sculpt your face with a quick, spa-level treatment from the comfort of your home or your hotel room.

NuFace Trinity Wrinkle Reducer

NuFACE NuFACE Trinity Wrinkle Reducer Red & Infrared Light Therapy

To buy:, $128 (originally $159)

NuFace Trinity Effective Lip and Eye Attachment 

NuFACE Trinity Effective Lip & Eye Attachment


To buy:, $128 (originally $159)

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