This Smartphone Device Works Anywhere in the World — Yes, Really

Imagine being able to make phone calls and post on Instagram in the world's most remote destinations.

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Traveling off the grid is one of the greatest joys — and while being disconnected can be beneficial for our mental health, there are also situations where it’s crucial to be able to stay in touch.

The new Iridium Go! Exec, announced on Tuesday, is a portable device that uses satellite technology to keep you connected in remote locales, providing Wi-Fi or ethernet access for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It can make voice calls from its app or from the device itself, which has a built-in speaker and mic.

The 2.6-pound device provides speeds of up to 22 kilobytes per second while sending and 88 kilobytes per second while receiving. Plus, it has a battery talk time of six hours and a standby time of 24 hours. The device, which is an 8-by-8-by-1-inch box, can operate in temperatures of -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit and runs on Iridium Certus 9770 Module technology. The connectivity operates by connecting to the 66 satellites that the company has in orbit, according to PC Mag.  

The new device is a more traveler-friendly version of the original Iridium Go! that came out in 2014. “When we launched the Iridium Go! nine years ago, our vision was to allow anyone with a smartphone to stay connected when they were off the grid,” said Iridium CEO Matt Desch in a statement sent to Travel + Leisure. “We’ve now turbocharged that capability with the Iridium Go! Exec. There’s nothing like this device for businesses, governments, or consumers that want to stay productive beyond terrestrial coverage.”

While it is “built for the professional,” the company says the new device is "made for everyone” as a “natural extension of your world off-the-grid to send and receive email, use chat or office applications, make phone calls, share pictures, post to social media, or get help in an emergency.”

The Virginia-based company did not release pricing information, but we found a listing for $1,599 at Pivotel$1,625 on OSAT, and $1,800 on TS2. A monthly data plan is required on top of that fee, which ranges from $129 to $499. T+L has not tested this device.

To learn more about the capabilities of the new smartphone device, visit Iridium’s site.               

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