This State Has the Most Hiking Trails in the U.S. — and Was Just Named One of the Best Places to Camp

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With its verdant valleys, towering mountains, and open landscapes without another soul around, it’s no surprise that Montana made its way to the top of Adventures on the Rock’s best states to camp in for 2023. The website, which is dedicated to helping travelers find adventure vehicles, said Montana is home to the second-highest number of free and paid campsites, falling just behind Wyoming, which took home the No. 1 spot.

However, Montana does have Wyoming beat in one essential category: It has the highest number of hiking trails of any state. 

A glowing tent next to a lake at sunset in Montana.

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“Scoring 69.29 out of 100, Montana ranked as the second-best state for camping in the U.S.,” the website shared in its findings. “Per 100,000 residents, it had the highest number of hiking trails (418), offered the second-highest number of free campsites (32) and paid campsites (90), and the second-highest number of RV parks (21).” 

If you’re adding Montana to your summer camping rotation, Discovering Montana, a website highlighting all the best things to do in the Treasure State, suggests starting your journey in Glacier National Park — specifically at the Apgar Campground. The camping area is as serene as they come, thanks to its prime location on Lake McDonald. The campground tucked inside the trees welcomes both tent and RV campers and regularly hosts ranger chats at the Apgar Amphitheater. 

The site also recommends destinations like Many Glacier Campground, St. Mary Campground, and Two Medicine Campground — all three are within Glacier National Park.

And really, it’s the perfect national park for hikers too, as it’s home to more than 700 miles of hiking trails, including everything from short jaunts to multi-day treks. Glacier National Park offers ranger-led hikes for those looking to see the best sights only the experts know about. 

Glacier National Park is also home to the No. 1 and No. 2 top-rated hikes in the state on AllTrails, with the Avalanche Lake hike taking the number one spot. The nearly six-mile hike has more than 11,000 positive reviews, with many reviewers calling it “the best hike I’ve ever done.”

Though if that hike is too easy, you could always try Grinnell Glacier Trail, which ranks second on AllTrails. The nearly 11-mile hike is rated as challenging and is an all-day adventure, but many reviewers still call it an absolute “favorite.” 

Now all you need to do is buy some new hiking and camping gear, and you’ll be ready to go. 

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