Mexico Travel Warnings to Be Aware of Ahead of Spring Break

Safety and awareness is particularly at the forefront as travelers head out for vacation.

Even though spring break is in full force, the State Department is warning travelers against heading to the popular destination of Mexico.

The State Department's current travel warnings to several states in Mexico, advise travelers to flat out avoid certain places due to crime and kidnapping and to exercise increased caution when going to more than a dozen more. The warnings have been issued for some of the most popular states, like Quintana Roo where Cancun is located and Baja California Sur where Los Cabos is.

Playa Delfines (Dolphin Beach) nicknamed El Mirador (The Lookout) – one of the most scenic public beaches in Riviera Maya

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While warnings around travel to Mexico isn't unheard of, awareness is particularly at the forefront as four Americans on a road trip were caught up in a drug cartel shootout last week resulting in two of the travelers dying and two being kidnapped before being rescued, The Associated Press reported. The Americans were fired upon shortly after they crossed into the border city of Matamoros on Friday, which sits just south of Brownsville, Texas.

Following the shooting, the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico issued an alert instructing government employees to avoid the area and reminding “U.S. citizens that Tamaulipas is classified as Level 4: Do Not Travel in the State Department’s travel advisory for Mexico.”

The State Department has issued some kind of warning for most states in the country, but said travelers can “exercise normal precautions when traveling to” the Campeche state and the Yucatan state, where the famous Chichén Itzá ruins are found.

This isn’t the first warning the State Department has issued against travel in Mexico this year. In January, the department warned tourists against taking app-based transportation services like Uber in Quintana Roo amid a rash of incidents that resulted in American travelers getting hurt.

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