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Mary Ann Ramsey

T+L Travel Advisory Board Member

A-List Travel Agent: Mary Ann Ramsey

Photo: Courtesy of Mary Ann Ramsey

Betty Maclean Travel

Naples, FL, United States

Tel: (239) 513-0333



Traveling to up-and-coming and in-demand destinations throughout the year, Ramsey demonstrates a deep commitment to extensive on-the-ground research. In each place, she makes a point of staying in multiple hotels, taking numerous guided tours, and experiencing excursions from several operators to find options that best match the interests and personalities of her clients. She also documents their long-term dream trips (she calls herself “the travel equivalent of a financial planner”) and reports back on destinations that make their bucket lists.

Excited About: Ramsey thinks that wildlife-focused expedition cruising is still in its infancy and will gather even more interest in the coming years.