You'll Be Able to See 4 Planets in the Sky Tonight — How to Spot Them

The first planet will be visible until 9:32 p.m. ET tonight!

Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, Venus and Mercury

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This month has been a stellar time for stargazers as there has been planet visibility almost every week so far — and the next time to take a look to the sky is Tuesday night.

According to Adler Planetarium, Mars, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter will appear in the sky in a vertical, diagonal line. Viewers be able to spot this procession in the western sky, close to constellations Taurus and Orion. Mars will appear at the top, ending with Jupiter at the horizon.

Visible starting Tuesday night, the planet viewing will also lead into Wednesday.

To see the planets, stargazers will be happy to know that Jupiter, Venus, and Mars are known as naked-eye planets, according to the Farmer's Almanac, so they should be able to seen without the help of equipment.

Uranus, however, can be trickier to detect. You should be able to use binoculars or a small telescope to find it, but remember to look for its signature green hue so you don’t confuse it with a star.

When it comes to specific timing, Time and Date data shows that viewers will be able to see Jupiter until Tuesday at 8:43 p.m ET, Venus until 9:49 p.m ET, Uranus until Wednesday, 11:22 p.m. ET and Mars until 2:45 a.m, ET.

For a higher chance of seeing all four, find a gazing area with significantly less light pollution.

Those who miss the 4-planet viewing tonight will not have to wait much longer for the next one. According to Adler, Saturn will be visible in the sky on March 24.

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