I Sleep in Hotels 200 Nights Per Year, but I Still Prefer My Own Bed Thanks to This $77 Topper From Amazon

It’s like sleeping on a cloud every night.

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Marine Moon Mattress Topper Queen

Travel + Leisure / Tyler Roeland

You know that feeling when you throw yourself into a deliciously expensive hotel bed after a long day of travel? That cloud-like hug that seems to be achievable only if you’re spending a pretty penny on luxury accommodations? Well, what if I told you there’s a mattress topper that’s under $100 at Amazon that can instantly transform your bed at home into one fit for the likes of Four Seasons, Conrad, or W Hotels?

Behold the Marine Moon Mattress Topper, the easiest way to give your bed a super cozy refresh, especially if you love a soft, fluffy, and cooling feeling when you’re going to sleep. As a travel writer, I spend roughly 200-plus nights a year in hotel beds, and while I love sprawling out on a lavish hotel bed, this affordable mattress topper has me craving my own bed many of those nights. 

Marine Moon Mattress Topper Queen


To buy: amazon.com, $77

My hotel-quality upgrade came when I moved into a new apartment two years ago. I really wanted to buy a new mattress à la my favorite Four Seasons, but the added expense just wasn’t in the cards.  So, my plan was to buy a simple topper to supplement my mattress until I could ultimately order a new one a few months later. After doing a bit of research at Amazon, I settled on this $77 topper with more than 1,300 five-star ratings at Amazon. Truthfully, the need for a new mattress never crossed my mind again.

At three inches high, this mattress pad is thicker than most other mattress pads I found. Got a super thick mattress already? Trust me, it’s still going to fit! In fact, my mattress has a two-inch pillow top that this topper sits over without a problem, as it’s meant to fit mattresses up to 21 inches deep. I opted for the white color in queen size at 80 inches by 60 inches by 21 inches, but it also comes in gray and in full and king sizes, too. 

Marine Moon Mattress Topper Queen


To buy: amazon.com, $77

What makes this topper reminiscent of the five-star hotels I love? For starters, it’s stuffed with a plush down alternative material that allows for airflow and temperature regulation, making it super comfortable and cooling. A 3D baffle-box design with a quilted pattern ultimately keeps the mattress pad extra fluffy, which helps relieve pressure points. And finally, since it’s designed like a fitted sheet, it’s really easy to put on and stays in place well — no matter how much I toss and turn.  

As a notoriously terrible sleeper, my sleep quality has improved astronomically since I made this purchase. I’ve found it has a calming effect that just lulls you to sleep like the best hotel beds often do. There are even mornings I wake up almost certain I’m laying in the same plush bed I experienced at The Conrad Bora Bora or once lounged in all day at Four Seasons Austin — both known for having beds so comfortable that guests often purchase them (of course, at a significant cost). 

Marine Moon Mattress Topper Queen

Travel + Leisure / Amber Love Bond

I’m constantly amazed that such an affordable mattress topper could give me this luxurious experience, and my friends are, too. One who stays with me when she’s in town tends to sleep fully unbothered for 12 or more hours when she’s in my bed — something she says never happens otherwise. She describes it as a “coma cloud that sucks you in and cradles you like a baby.” 

And Amazon shoppers agree about the quality of this mattress topper. One shopper said it “makes all the difference in my sleep quality.” Many others, like this shopper who said it’s “the best ever,” also raved that the mattress topper “feels like sleeping on a cloud. You need it.” 

There’s something special about this hotel-quality mattress topper that really helps your body to relax and takes so much pressure off your shoulders, back, and hips. After two years of sleeping on it, I’m thrilled to share that it's just as fluffy and thick now as it was when I bought it. While it’s not recommended to put it in the washer, you can fluff it in the dryer on low heat for 20 minutes to help it reach optimal puff.

If you’re craving a plush upgrade to your current mattress without having to break the bank, the Mattress Topper by Marine Moon is the way to go. It arrives quickly, is easy to add to your bedding, and keeps you cozy and cool all night long. Plus, the brand offers a 30-night trial, so you’ve really got nothing to lose — except maybe the back pain your firm mattress is causing you.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $77. 

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