Janice From 'Friends' Tells Us Where She and Chandler Would Have Honeymooned If They'd Stayed Together

"Oh, my God!"

Actor, Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice on Friends sits in fake Friends kitchen set drinking coffee with International Delight product placement

Deitch Pham / International Delight

What if Chandler had ended up with Janice on Friends? Oh, my God! 

But more importantly, where would Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Bing have gone on their honeymoon? Well, Travel + Leisure actually got the answer to that query from the actress herself, Maggie Wheeler, who played the iconic character, opposite Matthew Perry, on all 10 seasons of the hit show. 

“I’m going to say Nassau. Not Nassau County, but Nassau the island,” she told T+L of where the fictional couple would head on a post-wedding vacation. “Any place with a pool and a piña colada."

And she wouldn't pack light.

“I think she would need some help with her heavy bags so that she didn't break a nail,” Wheeler said.
“Everything she could possibly need, she would bring it all. Not so different from moi!”

Wheeler shared her Janice secrets while chatting about her partnership with International Delight, specifically showcasing their new limited-edition coffee creamer that's inspired by Friends and the characters' favorite coffee shop.

“It's a celebration of nostalgia of the show," she said. "The creamer was inspired by the 'Manhattan Mocha' which is a coffee that was served at Central Perk and it's so delicious. I mean it’s hazelnut and mocha and it really brings that whole drink to life. Before it was just an idea on a chalkboard that the fans, of course, will have noticed."

Wheeler made her first appearance on the show back in 1994 on episode 5 of season 1 also known as “The One with the East German Laundry Detergent.” She continued to appear as a recurring character for the remainder of the series despite her and Chandler's on-and-off relationship.

When asked if she could tell whether the show was going to go on to be a part of pop culture history, she said she had no idea.

“All I knew was it was the best set I'd ever been on, that it was the most collaborative, phenomenal cast that I'd ever been a part of [and] that the writers were so fabulous," she said. "So for me, it was just [a] celebration, like, 'Look where I landed.' This place is amazing.”

The International Delight Friends Manhattan Hazelnut Mocha creamer will be available in 32 oz. bottles for a limited time only. It's also available in a zero sugar variety.

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