You Can Vacation in This Multimillion-dollar Australian Dream Home for Free — If You're Willing to Clean It

Willing to do a little light cleaning? This giveaway is for you.

A man using a MACH vacuum to clean inside a luxury villa in Australia

Courtesy of MACH

How much work would you be willing to put in to earn a free vacation? The vacuum brand Mach is on a mission to find out. 

Mach is giving would-be travelers a chance to stay in one of Sydney, Australia's most glamorous homes designed by Nina Maya. The home has five bedrooms and five bathrooms and boasts some of Tamarama's best panoramic ocean views. It even includes a 25-meter pool surrounded by lush greenery, a gym, state-of-the-art cinema, and an infrared sauna for a little self-care. And again, the key point here is you can stay for free. But of course, there's a catch: You actually have to clean the home before you leave.  

Known as the "dirty weekend away," the brand is allowing travelers to exchange a free stay for cleaning up the home using the new Mach V1 Ultra vacuum. Though as the brand noted in a press release, it's an easy task as the new cordless vacuum also comes with a built-in steam mop. And you only need to clean in three areas, which the giveaway's terms and conditions note "...will take you five to ten minutes to complete." 

Interior of a lounge/living area inside a luxury villa in Australia

Courtesy of MACH

"It's a true innovation being able to vacuum and steam mop at the same time. It sets new standards and achieves the impossible," Gaspar Xie, general manager at Anker Innovations ANZ, the parent company of Mach, said in a statement. "We wanted to let Aussies try this premium new technology in one of Australia's most luxury houses by creating the ultimate Dirty Weekend Away. It's a bit of fun, but the technology is no joke."

Bookings are only available on select dates through the rest of May. And, though the home has plenty of rooms, you're only allowed to bring a single plus-one along for the stay. All guests must also be 18 or older to spend the night, and you must be willing to plunk down a fully refundable $2,000 deposit to snag a booking. Ready to clean and go on a getaway unlike any other? Sign up at

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