This Travel Hack Is a 'Must' for Shoppers Wanting to Avoid Extra Baggage Charges — and It's 60% Off

Trust us, it will be the best $8 you’ve ever spent.

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Longang Digital Hanging Luggage Scale


Sometimes, checking a bag is unavoidable — especially if you're traveling for an extended period of time or will be visiting a destination or multiple countries with fickle weather or changing climates. Stay ahead of checked baggage fees and unwanted travel expenses with the Longang Digital Luggage Scale, which is 60 percent off at Amazon right now.

With this discount, you can get the hanging luggage weight scale for just $8, which is the same price as some of our favorite coffee orders — only you’ll get so much more out of this purchase. Plus, it has earned more than 2,400 perfect ratings with a solid 4.5 average rating from Amazon shoppers that swear it is the ultimate travel hack.

Longang Digital Hanging Luggage Scale


To buy:, $8 (originally $20) 

The gadget has a weight capacity of 110 pounds and makes weighing your luggage easy with its LED digital display. Simply attach the durable steel hook to the handle of your suitcase or bag, and using one or both hands, lift your luggage by the luggage scale. Any small personal item or carry-on that's 0-30 pounds can be lifted with one hand; while 30-110 pounds should be lifted with two hands.

Additionally, it has a feature that calculates the conversion between pounds and kilograms, which international travelers will find useful. What's more, when you need to get the weight of an item, you can hang the empty container or bag on the belt first, press the on/tare button to reset the device to zero pounds, and then add your items to determine the net weight of the goods.

At just 5.1 inches by 2.4 inches by 1.2 inches, the Longang Digital Luggage Scale is extremely compact and packable, allowing it to fit in your bag so you can re-weigh your suitcase with your souvenirs before your return flight home.

This digital luggage scale is a “must-have” hack for travelers, especially for self-confessed overpackers. One shopper quipped, “If you’re like me, pack for three weeks even if you're only staying three days, then this product is for you.” They continued, "No one wants last minute extra charges at the airport so this is absolutely a necessity to make sure your bags are all under the maximum weight allowed."

Chiming in, another customer wrote, “If you are a traveler who generally packs as tight as you can to the weight limits, you need to have one of these." They went as far as to compare it to the weight station at the airport check-in, noting that "it's very accurate." They added, "There's nothing fun about having to move things around between bags at check-in."

A five-star reviewer raved, “I should have bought this years ago! We’ve already used it on several trips, including international ones, and it's right on the money for accuracy. I keep it in my suitcase regularly now.” And this final shopper said “This simple little scale has saved me a lot of money on extra baggage fees since I can now ensure I am under the allotted weight limit.”

And, outside of traveling, several reviewers noted that they’ve been able to use it on plenty of occasions. “It’s also helpful if you’re shopping at Goodwill and buying by the pound,” one fan shared. Another buyer said that it not only “takes the guesswork out of packing and instills confidence as you check your bags” but also comes in “handy when buying produce at the market.” 

If these traveler testimonies are any proof, you need the Longang Digital Luggage Scale in your life. Get one at Amazon today while it’s 60 percent off and just $8. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $8. 

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