By Hadi Ktiri
January 21, 2015
Credit: Alamy

As an avid cyclist, I have spent years biking all over New Orleans.  One of the most important upsides to spending so much time on the bike is that I’ve figured out which streets are good and bad for riding. A good thing to know is that because NOLA is below sea level there are potholes everywhere. The city does their best to repair them, but the fact remains that they are a constant danger to cyclist and motorists alike.  Another tip is that for some reason drivers here aren’t aware that turn signals exist.  Changing lanes and making turns seemingly at random is something I regularly see from local motorists.  So I’ve gathered a list of some of the places to bike in New Orleans.  This town is best explored on a bicycle, and if you’re safe it’s one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a day.

Audubon Park Trail

Across the street from Tulane University is the ever-popular Audubon Park.  A 1.8-mile loop takes joggers and cyclists through a scenic trip around a lake surrounded by giant oak trees.  Frequented by college students this beautiful park is a favorite of athletically inspired from all over town.

Mississippi River Trail

One of the best trails for amateur and aspiring professional cyclists, this riverside path is easily one of the best places to bike in the city.  Because you don’t share the path with motorists it is also one of the safest places to bike.  Start at the end of S. Carrolton Avenue and head towards Kenner.  

Esplanade to City Park

This live oak studded avenue is a must see for bike tourists looking to experience a beautiful part of the city.  Once you get to City Park stop at the New Orleans Museum of Art or head right to link up with the Festival Grounds trail which takes you around a small lake on the east side of the park.

French Quarter Long Streets

To get a quick feel for the streets of the French Quarter, start on Canal and head down Burgundy to Esplanade.  Then take a right and head back towards Canal on Dauphine Street.  After that quick circle I like to zigzag through the pedestrians on Bourbon Street, but do so at your own risk because many of them have been drinking and are likely to stumble in unexpected directions.  

The Algiers Mississippi River Trail

Similar to the trail listed above, the Algiers trail ambles along the river but from the other side.  Start by taking the Algiers Ferry at the end of Canal Street across the river and then head south along the river.  On the way back be sure to stop at the Crown and Anchor English Pub for a refreshing beer.