Emily Hampshire on Her Love for the Locals in the Real-life Small Town That Became TV's 'Schitt's Creek': 'Let's Go Together' Season 2, Episode 23

She loves "Schittheads" everywhere.

Actress, Emily Hampshire
Photo: Photo by Vanessa Heins

Though a lot's changed in the last few years, one thing has remained the same: our love of adventure.

Be it big bucket list journeys or trips around the corner, we're here to celebrate it all. And, as more vaccines get distributed and borders open back up, we're here to celebrate your own return to travel, no matter where in the world you go next.

We're honoring this return to greatness with new episodes of our podcast, Let's Go Together, which highlights how travel changes the way we see ourselves and the world.

In the first season, our pilot and adventurer host, Kellee Edwards, introduced listeners to diverse globe-trotters who showed us that travelers come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. From the first Black woman to travel to every country on Earth to a man who trekked to Machu Picchu in a wheelchair, we met some incredible folks. And now, in our second season, we are back to introduce you to new people, new places, and new perspectives.

On this episode of Let's Go Together, Edwards sits down with actor Emily Hampshire to talk about small town travel, including Emily's experiences working in a small town as a cast member on the hit television series Schitt's Creek.

"It's infinitely bingeable and it's so good-hearted," Hampshire said of her wildly popular show and its success throughout the pandemic. "If you're stuck at home with your family or alone, the Rose family is your perfect chosen family. Or if you maybe don't want to be with your family stuck inside, you can be with the Rose family. So I think that helps a lot."

Though the show begins by poking fun at small-town living, it slowly morphs into a love letter highlighting all the things that make life in these places so great. As Hampshire notes, "a lot of the people who live in Goodwood [the town the show was filmed in] would call themselves Schittheads. They really rallied around us, and that was kind of the nicest thing. That is what's really nice about shooting in a small town... everybody comes out for it, and you actually get to know people in town, which usually when you're shooting in a city or something, you never get to speak to any local people right there."

As to why small towns have stolen her heart, Hampshire added: "I think it's community, I think it's that you feel seen by everyone, you know everyone, it's familiar, it's safe."

Ready to hear more advice from Hampshire? Listen as she shares it all on Let's Go Together, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Player.FM, and everywhere podcasts are available.

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