Faith-based Travel Influencers Share Their Stories, Episode 24 of Travel + Leisure’s New Podcast

Meet Elena Nikolova and Rabbi Daniel Bortz, two travel influencers who are deeply devoted to their faith.

Graphic illustration for Let's Go Together Podcast Episode 24 of Rabbi Daniel Bortz and Elena Nikolova
Photo: Daniel Poplawsky; Courtesy of Elena Nikolova

Though 2020 is almost over we aren’t quite done introducing you to incredible travelers just yet.

Travel + Leisure's first podcast, Let's Go Together, is continuing on its journey to introduce listeners to some of the most inspiring and spirited travelers in the world. So far this season we've met people working to preserve their native cultures in Alaska and Hawaii, an Olympic athlete traveling the world in her hijab, plus-size travelers who explained what it's like traveling in a bigger body, and many more.

On this week’s episode, we’re introducing you to two more incredible globetrotters, as host Kellee Edwards sits down with Elena Nikolova and Rabbi Daniel Bortz, two travel influencers who are deeply devoted to their faith.

“Many think that when you become more religious, it closes you off from the world, from sciences, from culture,” Rabbi Daniel shares. “And for me, it was the opposite. When I got more spiritually connected, I realized that everything takes on meaning, like if God is the source, there's a source to everything that we see in every person we meet and every aspect of nature, that means you can learn from it, a lesson for your life.”

As for what Noikolova connects to on her travels, she says it’s all about finding common ground.

“I'm very happy to see more and more Muslims traveling,” she says. “I go to places, even in Greece this summer, there were so many Muslims. I thought I was the only Muslim in town. And then I look around and every day I go out and I see another hijabi and another family with children, I'm like, wow, I'm not alone anymore.”

But like every good podcast, you have to listen to it yourself. Hear the rest on Let’s Go Together, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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