This Dog Water Bottle Makes Hiking With Your Pet a Breeze

Because you and your dog both could use a water break.

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Lesotc Pet Water Bottle
Lesotc Pet Water Bottle. Photo:


Whether you’re in the middle of the woods, at the park on a steamy summer day, or just on a casual walk around town, if you’re a dog owner, chances are your pup has taken a drink out of your water bottle. And face it, your pet can’t tell the difference between Voss, Brita-filtered, and tap. With that in mind, it’s time to personalize your pet’s hydration needs with Amazon’s top-selling pet water bottle from Lesotc. And the best part? The shopper-loved bottle is on sale right now for just $18.

This water bottle is an easy solution to keeping your dog hydrated on the go, and it’s perfect for everything from lengthy hikes to casual dog park outings. It comes in four sizes (and 19 colors), so there’s a bottle for every pet owner. You can choose from 14-ounce, 18-ounce, 21-ounce, and 28-ounce options, as well as sling-style cup holders that make carrying the bottle a breeze.

The style is lightweight and practical, and you will barely notice as it slides into your favorite hiking backpack ​​— it’s made from a durable polyurethane material and has a foldable cap for easy storage. But what makes the product really stand out is its cap that doubles as a water bowl for easy drinking, and its design ensures that fresh water easily fills the bowl. The sealed silicone gasket inside the lid ensures no water leakage, making it a breeze to pack in your backpack or fanny pack on hikes and sightseeing days.

Lesotc Pet Water Bottle
Lesotc Pet Water Bottle.


To buy:, $18 (originally $22)

Perhaps the most important part is actually the safe and sustainable aspects of the water bottle. Produced with food standard silicone, it’s BPA-free and recyclable. And with its squeeze-to-fill style and built-in water pipe, there is no need to worry about water waste. 

If this isn’t enough reason to purchase, turn to the reviews for further convincing. The Lesotc 2022 Pet Water Bottle has more than 20,000 five-star ratings and it’s currently the top-selling item in the Small Animal Water Bottles category. One reviewer raved that they were “so impressed with this water bottle” and noted that they “found everything [they] were looking for in this one.” Another said this bottle is “one of the best purchases” they’ve ever made. A third loved the product so much that after their dog walk, they “came home and ordered one for [their] granddaughter’s dog.” 

A majority of the reviewers were keen on using this product for outdoor adventures with their pets, as one wrote that they “filled it up completely and it lasts during our four- to five-mile walks with two dogs.” Another loves the bottle for nature excursions as they “got this for our 90-pound golden retriever for a camping trip to be able to stay hydrated on our hikes… it was very convenient to carry and mess-free.” One reviewer raved that this is perfect for all kinds of travel as it “worked great on our day hikes,” as it was “so much easier than carrying the bowl with water when [the dog] only takes a sip. [It’s] also much easier to use in the car while traveling.”

So give your furry friend the water break they deserve and pack this water bottle on your next walk, hike, or road trip, especially while the 18-ounce size is on sale for as little as $18.

At the time of publishing, the price was $18.

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