This Flight Calculator Will Find the Best Trip You Can Afford With Your Tax Refund

Calculate a trip to plan with your tax refund with this Kayak calculator.

Getting a tax refund can feel like found money, and Kayak is helping people figure out how to spend those checks on a vacation with a Tax Refund Trip Calculator.

The calculator, which the travel search engine shared with Travel + Leisure, allows travelers to input the amount of their 2022 tax refund and turns that into a flight they can afford.

After travelers enter the amount they received, the site directs them to a map with destinations and prices.

From there, travelers can choose what type of trip they want — like a city or beach getaway, a family trip, a romantic trip, or something outdoorsy — and explore possible destinations. Customers can also narrow down the search by putting in a date range and whether or not they're open to stopovers.

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“If your travel dates are flexible, you can uncover some amazing deals with Kayak’s Tax Refund calculator,” Jake Bouvrie, Kayak’s chief economist, told T+L. “Right now, for example, you can snag flight deals from NYC to Europe for under $500 if you travel during shoulder season versus the peak summer months.”

This is the second year Kayak has had a refund calculator.

“Despite flight prices being up, there are plenty of places people can travel if they’re flexible. [Kayak’s] Tax Refund Calculator gives a great overview of all the different places you can go within your budget (or within your tax refund for that matter),” a Kayak spokesperson told T+L.

So far, the average refund amount for 2023 has been $2,910, according to statistics from the Internal Revenue Service as of March 31. While that is more than enough to plan a trip (Kayak said the average four-day domestic trip runs about $1,400 for flights and hotel), it is a 9.8-percent decrease from 2022 when the average refund amount was $3,226.

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