These Hotel Concierges Will Help You Take a Custom Beer Tour, Track Your Genealogy, Join a Songwriting Session and Much More

Hotel Vermont Beer Concierge
Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Vermont

As any seasoned traveler knows, behind every great hotel is an even better concierge. A passionate group, these dedicated experts are responsible for facilitating guests with a hassle-free stay. Traditional concierge duties can range from tracking down in-demand event tickets to securing last-minute restaurant reservations, or even simply sharing local suggestions and recommendations. But recently, hotels have been zooming in on classic concierge services and creating innovative roles to cater toward more niche interests than ever before. From the eccentric to the esoteric, here are some of the coolest hotel concierges across the globe.

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The Art Connoisseur:Julie Eugène

Le Royal Monceau Concierge
Courtesy of Le Royal Monceau

Art lovers around the world are in for a treat at Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris. At the contemporary Parisian palace, guests can meet with Julie Eugène, the city’s sole Art Concierge. Originally from Bordeaux, she earned a degree in the History of Art at Université Paris 8 and has worked with the luxurious hotel since 2010. In her role, Eugène assists guests by tailor-designing individual artistic experiences both at the property and beyond. Examples include curating private art-driven excursions, arranging show viewings, procuring invitations to exclusive previews, and leading personalized tours of the hotel’s private collection, which includes more than 350 works by iconic artists including Banksy and Jef Aérosol.

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The Technology Titan:Erik Dominguez

Hotel Nia Tech Concierge
Courtesy of Hotel Nia

Imagine checking into a swanky Silicon Valley hotel and immediately getting access to a slew of new gadgets to use during your stay — all completely free of charge. That dream is a reality for guests staying at Hotel Nia, a 250-room Autograph Collection property nestled in California’s Menlo Park. Erik Dominguez is a tech savvy member of the guest experience team who heads the hotel’s partnership with b8ta, a retail company focused on changing the way people interact with technology. After Dominguez gives a thorough tutorial, guests can test out a rotating range of six products that feature the hottest emerging tech. They’re also welcome to purchase their favorites for the ultimate Silicon Valley souvenir.

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The Babymoon Master: Cindy Fuchs

Cindy Fuchs
Courtesy of Timber Cove Resort

For the uninitiated, a “babymoon” is a relaxing vacation enjoyed by parents-to-be before their newborn arrives. While the concept has only recently gained mainstream attention, Cindy Fuchs has been specializing in the art of the babymoon for more than a decade. Perched on a breathtaking bluff high above the Pacific Ocean lies Timber Cove, a secluded 46-room resort on Northern California’s Sonoma Coast. For years, expecting parents have flocked to the intimate property specifically to enlist the services of Fuchs. Her personalized babymoon sessions focus on touch therapy, prenatal and postpartum care, infant and couples massage techniques, parental coaching, and meditation guidance — all geared to ensure her clients enter parenthood armed with unparalleled confidence and a brand new set of skills.

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The Beer Aficionado:Matt Canning

Hotel Vermont Beer Concierge
Courtesy of Hotel Vermont

Looking for an authentic deep dive into Vermont’s vibrant craft beer scene? If so, Matt Canning is the man to meet. An employee of Burlington’s Hotel Vermont since its debut in 2013, Canning serves as the world’s very first Beer Concierge. From crisp lagers to exceptional sours, his job is to help guests find the very best beer Vermont has to offer (including the elusive Heady Topper IPA). He accomplishes this with exclusive beer tours and brewery visits, as well as through special tastings and educational sessions. The team is also gearing up to launch a brand new summer beer exploration package where guests will get a behind-the-scenes look at the supply chain behind Vermont’s most beloved brews.

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The Music Maven:Hannah Hagar

The Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt Concierge
Courtesy of The Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt

The Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt has built a reputation for being one of Austin’s most musically inclined retreats, bolstered by the efforts of Hannah Hagar. A native Texan, Hagar launched her music career by writing, performing, and recording before earning her masters degree in Music Business from New York University. Today, she oversees the hotel’s social and music programming, including customizing playlists and booking live performances at Geraldine’s. She also leverages her local knowledge and industry connections to benefit guests by sharing local venue and event recommendations; curating vinyl collections in the presidential suites; facilitating songwriting sessions; and organizing intimate live performances.

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The Lifestyle Specialist:Kristian Hell

Downtown Camper by Scandic Lifestyle Concierge
Courtesy of Downtown Camper by Scandic

Sticking to a fitness routine isn’t the easiest when traveling, but Downtown Camper by Scandic makes it seem a bit more manageable thanks to Kristian Hell. Originally from Australia, he now resides in Stockholm and serves as the property’s resident Lifestyle Concierge. Each week, he designs an ever-changing activity schedule geared toward motivating guests to discover Sweden’s enchanting capital city with a focus on urban adventures. For example, he created the hotel’s running group (appropriately dubbed “Run Like Hell”), which has become wildly popular with locals and visitors alike. He also organizes communal film screenings, leads spiritual workshops, hosts social happy hours, and establishes partnerships with local businesses to elevate the guest experience.

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The Genealogy Guru:Helen Kelly

The Shelbourne concierge
Courtesy of The Shelbourne

DNA tests like MyHeritage and 23andMe may be all the rage, but for a unique take on the trend, book a flight to the Emerald Isle. At The Shelbourne, guests can meet with Helen Kelly (one of Ireland’s leading genealogists) to trace their Irish ancestors. Known as the Genealogy Butler, the position was created especially for Kelly back in 2006. As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Kelly works with guests to develop personalized research plans, lead genealogical tours throughout Ireland, create assessment reports, and host trips to Dublin’s various genealogical repositories. The ultimate goal is to help curious travelers learn more about their family history and even discover the actual locations where their ancestors were born.

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The Tea Enthusiast:Andreas Karrasch

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Concierge
Courtesy of The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Andreas Karrasch has always been passionate about tea, so his colleagues were hardly surprised when he became Grand Resort Bad Ragaz’s first dedicated tea sommelier. After enlisting in a specialized tea training certification program, he traveled to countries like Germany and Sri Lanka and became one of just 10 enrollees to complete the rigorous course. Back at the legendary five-star Swiss hotel, Karrasch is responsible for handpicking tea selections that perfectly complement the food menus at each restaurant. He also organizes special tastings and pairings for guests, and has a knack for prescribing the perfect blend to suit any traveler’s specific needs throughout their stay.

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