This Company Will Pay You $5,000 to Eat Cheese for a Year

Whisps is searching for the ultimate cheese lover to join its Cheese Board.

As far as dream jobs go, nothing compares to the offer we’re about to share with you.

Whisps, America’s best-selling cheese crisps snack company, is on the hunt to hire a true cheesehead. On June 24, the company announced its search for the next “Big Cheese” to join the Whisps Cheese Board, a tasting group where one winner will be paid $5,000 in cash and perks to eat cheese for a year. That’s it. That’s the job. Eat cheese and talk about it.

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“As Whisps original cheese fanatic, I was able to make my cheese dream a reality: making — and eating — delicious, quality cheese snacks,” Ilana Fischer, CEO of Whisps, shared in a statement. “I’m excited to find someone who loves cheese as much as me and my team to help us evaluate different cheeses to explore for innovation in the future. Plus, I’m excited to make someone else’s dream a reality!”

Here’s how the job works.

One cheese fanatic will be selected on July 25, 2020 to join the board. He or she will serve on the board for one full year and will be paid to assist in monthly product quality tests, new flavor evaluations, cheese evaluations, and brainstorm meetings for new product ideas. The winner will also become a Whisps brand ambassador in their home city, where they will evangelize their love of cheese for all.

Other perks of the job include an all-expenses-paid trip to the World Championship Cheese Contest in 2022, training from an artisan cheesemaker on how to better evaluate cheeses and Whisps, tons of swag, and of course, lots of cheese.

No formal training is required to apply for the job. All you need is a love of cheese and a willingness to provide honest feedback on different flavors. For more information and to apply visit

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