This Company Will Pay You $1,666 to Listen to True Crime Podcasts This Halloween

Here's how to apply.

Love true crime podcasts? Now’s your chance to get paid for all those dedicated hours of listening, too.

Vio Security, a home security company, is on the hunt for a true crime aficionado who is willing to dedicate some serious hours to a few more podcasts. And the company will offer the right person a nice sum for all that heart-pumping listening time.

“Upstanding detective or criminal mastermind, true crime lover or adept podcatcher, scaredy-cat or ‘final girl’ — if you have a taste for the macabre, Vio Security is looking for a who that knows whodunit,” the company explained on its new job listing. “This Halloween, we’re shelling out $1,666 for one crafty crime buff to listen to 31 hours of the top true crime podcasts. Think you could handle it?”

Before making the hire, the company wants to make sure they are getting someone who is a real fan. So, they are asking applicants to gather their own evidence and state their case in a short essay.

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“The jury wants to know: What elements of each story did you like the most? Were your sleep habits affected? Do you believe anyone was falsely accused?”

The company will then send the winner a heart rate monitor to record their “physiological responses as they jump from pod to pod.”

The winner can choose to listen to any episodes from the following podcasts: Motive for Murder, Crime Junkie, Son of a Hitman, Dateline, My Favorite Murder, Real Narcos, Serial, Someone Knows Something, I Survived, and The Thing About Pam.

After listening, the true crime lover will be asked to answer a series of questions based on their experience. The goal, the company said, is to “help us understand how true crime podcasts affect people — specifically if they make people feel more unsafe the more they listen.”

Beyond cash, the company is also offering the winner wireless earbuds to optimize their listening experience, a safety flashlight and whistle, a door blocking mechanism, and access to a personal safety app to “boost your peace of mind.” But hey, who knows, maybe you’ll solve a few crimes by the end of the ordeal, too. See all the rules and apply here.

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