13 Jobs for People Who Want to Travel and Make a Difference in the World

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In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, it can be easy to get consumed by meal planning and the intricacies of holiday travel, but Thanksgiving is about a lot more than fueling up with pumpkin pie for the Black Friday weekend ahead. It’s a day to gather with family and friends and take stock of all you have to be thankful for. And there’s no time like Thanksgiving to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead — and that includes your career.

It can be easy to get caught up in the grind and lose sight of what you wanted when you first entered the working world. Maybe it was to find a job with meaning; something that allows you to give back and make a difference. Maybe it was to find a job that gave you the freedom to travel and explore the world.

Or, if you’re like us, maybe it was both.

The good news is that it’s never too late to switch things up. According to FlexJobs, the number of telecommuting U.S. employees increased 159 percent between 2005 and 2017. This speaks to our changing work culture and the demand for more flexibility. And thanks to our friends at LinkedIn we’ve got a whole list of jobs that deliver that flexibility while making a difference in the world — from fully remote gigs at nonprofits to travel-friendly positions that work with underserved communities.

This is no time to hesitate — these jobs are available right now.

Senior Specialist for Disaster Preparedness Training, Habitat for Humanity

In this position, you’ll be putting together resources and running trainings to prepare communities for disaster. Not only will you be on the ground making a real difference, but the job is remote, so you’ll have the freedom to construct disaster guidelines for homeowners from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

Investigator, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The realities of this job are a little tamer than you might expect. You’ll be working behind the scenes to communicate the team’s assignment and articulate the problem to be solved and actionable events. One to six nights of travel is required each month at this Washington, D.C.-based gig.

National Lead for Kids Heart Challenge, American Heart Association

If you’ve got a history in fundraising and are passionate about helping kids, this is the gig for you. The National Lead for Kids Heart Challenge will be involved in several of the organization’s fundraising events to raise revenue for the youth programs. The job is remote, and anyone living near a major U.S. airport is free to apply.

Program Associate at Clinton Global Initiative University, Clinton Foundation

If you dream of traveling to far-flung destinations, look no further. As a Program Associate for the Clinton Foundation you’ll be traveling domestically and internationally — sometimes to developing countries — to oversee and execute programming for the leadership development program.

Customer Support Senior Manager, Network for Good

If you’re hesitant about leaving the office to work remotely, this job delivers a healthy middle ground. You’ll spend a majority of your time working from home (yay!), but are required to travel to the Washington D.C. headquarters at least once a quarter.

And don’t think the only perk of this job is the chance to test out working from home. Network for Good provides nonprofits with quality software that powers their fundraising efforts and fuels their mission.

Customer Service Representative E-Commerce, Patagonia

Most people know of Patagonia’s activewear, but the clothing company is also “in business to save our home planet.” And for this position, they’re looking to hire in Amsterdam. In the job, you’ll need excellent customer service as you’ll be working by phone and email to communicate with the brand’s European customers. Fluency in English is a must, but they’re also looking for someone who speaks multiple languages, namely German, French, or Italian.

Program Manager for WCS Asia Program, Wildlife Conservation Society

This job may be based at the Bronx Zoo in NYC, but the job description states that applicants will also need to have the “ability to travel to Asia.” Why? Because you’ll be working to save wildlife and wild lands on the continent of Asia.

Cancer Support Specialist, American Cancer Society

You’ll have a direct impact on people’s lives in this customer-oriented position. As the Cancer Support Specialist you’ll be charged with developing trust and loyalty between callers and the American Cancer Society — quite an impactful task.

This work-from-home job is only available to people who live in Las Vegas or the surrounding area.

Environmental Planner, VHB

This environmentally focused firm outside Boston is looking for an Environmental Planner who shares in their vision of sustainability and has experience working in the planning sector. You’ll be performing environmental reviews, developing sustainability plans, and reporting on environmental and sustainability analyses — and you’ll need to be willing to travel.

Senior Donor Relations Officer, The Humane League

The Humane League may be a farm animal advocacy group, but you’ll have to also love people in this full-time, remote position. The senior donor relations officer will be responsible for building relationships with new donors and taking care of the organization’s most generous supporters.

The organization is looking for candidates who live in either the Pacific or Mountain time zones.

Senior Advisor for Communications, Human Rights Campaign

This NYC-based position requires frequent travel (up to 30 percent of the time) as you’ll be focused on building relationships with press, influencers, and partner organizations to share the work of the Human Rights Campaign.

Territory Specialist for Firefighter Partnerships, Muscular Dystrophy Association

For this remote role, the Muscular Dystrophy Association is looking for someone with nonprofit fundraising experience who can expand upon the organization’s fundraising initiatives — and it helps if you’re interested in the firefighting sector.

This job is only open to people living in Washington state as regional travel is part of the job.

Disaster Response Personnel Manager, American Red Cross International

While this position is based in Washington D.C., there’s potential for international travel. And the impact you’ll be making on people’s lives (and the world at large) is impressive. You’ll be hiring, training, and managing people who are all just as passionate as you are about making the world a better place.

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