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A commute and a cubicle have been a reality for many workers for decades, but the notion that you have to stick to the same routine and strap yourself to a desk for eight (or more) hours day-after-day is becoming outdated. Today, work is more flexible than ever, with employees opting to clock-in from home, on the road — and in some cases, from a beach bungalow in Thailand.

Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report found that 51 percent of employees would switch jobs for flextime, and 37 percent would make the change for a job that allows them to work off-site at least part of the time. In short, people are looking for greater flexibility and autonomy — and it seems companies are listening.

LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Report notes that there’s been a 78 percent increase in job posts mentioning “workplace flexibility” since 2016. Some companies are adding value by giving employees the freedom to work from anywhere, while others offer international travel opportunities as part of the job or positions in foreign countries.

“Since we spend 90,000 hours of our adult lives working, we should make our on-the-job time work for us,” Blair Decembrele, LinkedIn career expert, told Travel + Leisure by email. “When negotiating for a new position, more than half of millennials say their top priority is work schedule. If you’re part of the 53% who have never negotiated during the interview process, now is a great time to start asking for what you want.”

To get you started, the data team at LinkedIn pulled 15 travel-friendly jobs — including remote gigs, jobs based abroad, and positions that include international travel — that are all available right now.

Digital Content Writer, Digital360

You’ll be based in Melbourne, Australia, but the company offers “flexible work arrangements” meaning you might be able to negotiate a few excursions to New Zealand or the Outback without missing a day of work.

Senior Auditor, Colgate-Palmolive

If you have audit or finance experience and are looking to get out of the cubicle, this NYC-based gig requires a willingness to travel up to 65 percent of the time, “the majority being international travel.”

Senior Business Strategy Consultant, Volkswagen of America

If you’ve got the qualifications and dream of traveling to Europe for work, there may be no better gig. This Herndon, Virginia-based job requires applicants to travel 30 percent of the time.

Project Manager, Accommodations Plus International

Analytical skills are key for this job posting, but so is a desire to travel to Australia from the New York City-based office, up to 50 percent of the time.

Services Channel Operations Leader, GE Healthcare

This Bangkok-based job will allow you to help drive GE’s in-country strategy for Thailand. When a long weekend or holiday rolls around, you’ll find all of Asia to be a short flight away.

Professional Recruiter, Sparrow Associates

This entry-level position claims you can “Work anywhere, anytime; Be your own boss” while being based in the NYC area. A gig like this may offer the freedom to work from anywhere in the world — within reason, of course.

Specialist Program Manager, Pearson

You’ll work with online virtual partner schools in this job, which offers successful applicants the same freedom — the ability to work from anywhere.

Business to Business Account Manager, Mastercard

You’ll be responsible for promoting Mastercard corporate payment solutions at this Paris-based job. The catch? You must be able to speak French.

Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google

You’ll be based at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, but this job description includes international travel to learn more about the company’s work in global markets.

VP Channel & Alliances, AB Tasty

This high-level position is in charge of leading a team that’s based throughout Europe — France, UK, Germany, and Spain — but is based in Paris. Fluency in French, Spanish, or German is a plus, but not required.

Team Head, PUMA Group

If you’ve got international footwear product management experience, this job includes up to 15 percent international travel.

Human Resources Assistant, lululemon

Most people know lululemon, but to nab this Berlin-based job you’ll also need to know German. Bi-lingual candidates will have the chance to work with the company’s retail stores in Europe — which translates to added travel.

Regional Quality Operations Lead, Airbnb

This job may be based in Portland, Oregon, but those who fit the bill — customer service and people management experience is key — will enjoy international travel as part of this Airbnb job posting.

Product Development Manager, Luxury Brand Partners

This L.A.-based dream job is looking for someone to develop innovative cosmetics. If that wasn’t tempting enough, the job description states that both domestic and international travel are required as part of the position.

Junior Editor, Hogarth Worldwide

This international company is looking for someone to help launch their new production studio and the job description explicitly states that “passport required for International travel to work with Senior Editors on set of larger productions.” Doesn’t sound half bad.