9 Jobs to Apply to Right Now If You Want to Travel More

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A commute and a cubicle have been a reality for many workers for decades, but the notion that you have to stick to the same routine and strap yourself to a desk for eight (or more) hours day-after-day is becoming outdated. Today, work is more flexible than ever, with employees opting to clock-in from home, on the road — and in some cases, from a beach bungalow in Thailand.

Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report found that 51 percent of employees would switch jobs for flextime, and 37 percent would make the change for a job that allows them to work off-site at least part of the time. In short, people are looking for greater flexibility and autonomy — and it seems companies are listening.

LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Report notes there’s been a 78 percent increase in job posts mentioning “workplace flexibility” since 2016. Some companies are adding value by giving employees the freedom to work from anywhere, while others offer international travel opportunities as part of the job or positions in foreign countries.

“Since we spend 90,000 hours of our adult lives working, we should make our on-the-job time work for us,” Blair Decembrele, LinkedIn career expert, told Travel + Leisure by email. “When negotiating for a new position, more than half of millennials say their top priority is work schedule. If you’re part of the 53% who have never negotiated during the interview process, now is a great time to start asking for what you want.”

To get you started, the data team at LinkedIn pulled travel-friendly jobs — including remote gigs, jobs based abroad, and positions that include international travel — that are all available right now.

Theater Auditor, Cinemark

If you love film, this job based in Houston, Texas, may be the perfect fit. Not only will you be working in the movie industry — Cinemark has over 500 theatres in the U.S. and Latin America — but you’ll be traveling up to 50 percent of the time for work. Considering the job description notes that skills in Spanish or Portuguese is a plus, we’re guessing some Latin American travel may be included too.

Email Marketing Specialist, iFit

This job is perfect for fitness fanatics who have an eye for detail and improving processes. In this full-time, fully remote position — or you can work from the company’s office in Logan, Utah — you’ll be in charge of building and deploying email marketing communications, analyzing data segmentation, and running monthly reports.

Aftersales Business Manager, Ferrari

This job is based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, but the posting states that you must be able to travel frequently (over 50 percent of the time) — often to Ferrari dealers to administrative, technical services, and parts support. However, the job posting does mention some international travel... Italy, anyone?

Customer Service Representative, Nestlé

In this full-time, remote position, you’ll be working at the frontline of Nestlé Waters’ customer service. You’ll be responsible for solving product and service inquiries, billing questions, and other concerns. The only requirement of this remote position is that you’re able to work in a designated space that’s free from distractions.

Senior MW & WW Stylist, Urban Outfitters

In this London-based role, you’ll be part of Urban Outfitters’ in-house styling team, meaning you’ll help deliver and develop the company’s presentation of womenswear in Europe. Sounds dreamy, but it only gets better. From London, all of Europe is a short plane ride away.

Engineering Program Manager, Supply Chain Capital Projects, Starbucks

You can help make Starbucks’ supply chain even more efficient in this remote gig. As the Engineering program manager, you’ll be in charge of planning and executing programs that enhance the company’s manufacturing, productivity, and capacity.

Category Manager Jewelry Candles, Charmed Aroma

You’ll be based in beautiful Toronto for this job, but over the weekends, you’ll want to take full advantage by exploring all that Canada has to offer. At Charmed Aroma, a candle e-commerce company where you can find a $5,000 ring inside your candle, you’ll work as the category manager. Your job will be to come up with and implement the brand’s strategy in order to grow the company.

Channel Manager, Argyll Scott Omni

If you have experience in retail, you may be the perfect fit for this channel manager job based in Singapore. Not only will you be working in a modern-day Utopia, but you’ll be in charge of making sure the Omni way of doing business is done seamlessly across the Asia Pacific.

Retail and Planning Manager, Giorgio Armani

Fashion lovers need not look further. This retail job for Giorgio Armani is amazing all on its own — but the location in Sydney, Australia is the icing on the cake. In this role, you’ll be responsible for maximizing your retail location’s growth and development, while managing stock and product.

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