Top Ramen Is Hiring a Chief Noodle Officer — and the Pay Is $10k and 50 Years of Ramen

What would you do with 50 years of ramen?

As far as dream jobs go, few compare to getting paid to eat your favorite foods. So, if you’re a real ramen lover, this one is for you.

Nissin Foods Top Ramen, the inventor of instant ramen, announced this week that they are on the hunt for a CNO, or Chief Noodle Officer, to help the brand develop new recipe ideas in honor of the company’s 50th anniversary,

“From noodle connoisseurs to self-proclaimed chefs, Nissin knows that Top Ramen wouldn’t be what it is today without the tasty creations born in kitchens coast-to-coast,” the company explained in a statement. “In honor of the brand’s 50 year anniversary (and National Noodle Day), they’re turning one talented fan into an honorary member of the Top Ramen team.”

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The new hire will be paid $10,000 and receive a 50-year supply of Top Ramen (we’ll let you decide which one is more valuable), along with the chance to taste new Top Ramen products before anyone else. The hire will also receive one-to-one mentorship with Nissin Foods CEO, Mike Price, and obviously will take home bragging rights and the ability to put Chief Noodle Officer on their resume.

Want to apply? Those interested can do so by taking the #HowDoYouTopRamen challenge on social media. There, applicants will share their favorite Top Ramen recipe with a photo and explanation of the creation.

Then, applicants will send a link of their creation along with a quick cover letter (3-5 sentences will do) to Applications will be judged by a panel, including Top Chef All Stars winner, Melissa King. Creations and cover letters are due by Friday, Oct. 30, 2020.

Candidates must be 18 years old or older, a U.S. citizen currently living in the U.S., have their creations used as part of recipe development and product feedback, and, as the company says, “must have oodles of passion for noodles, with interest in the food innovation industry preferred.” More on the application process and the job here.

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