This Company Will Pay You $1,000 to Watch 'The Office' for 9 Days Straight (Video)

If all you’ve ever wanted to do is stay at home all day watching TV then congratulations, because thanks to Dish Network, you can now get paid to live out that dream.

According to the company, it is specifically looking for one applicant to sit and watch 15 hours of the hit television show The Office over a nine-day span. If the new hire completes this task he or she will be paid $1,000.

“It seems like yesterday Michael Scott hit Meredith with his car, and Jim put Andy’s phone in the ceiling. Believe it or not, The Office has been around for 15 years this March,” the company explained. “To celebrate its anniversary, is teaming up with one die-hard fan to watch 15 hours of The Office for $1,000.”

As Dish explained, the hire really doesn’t have to have any particular skills. Rather, he or she simply needs to have a passion for television and be a true fan of the show. They will then watch roughly 45 episodes of the show all in one go and check off the “the number of common tropes that occur throughout each episode.”

The Office
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For example, Dish wants the person to count how many times Stanley does an eye roll, and how often Phyllis talks about Bob Vance. “The goal is to help us understand how often sitcoms repeat popular tropes,” the company said. “We’ll provide you with general guidelines to track your experience, but in true Kelly Kapoor fashion, we also want you to share your unfiltered opinions and reactions on social media.”

Beyond getting paid, the new hire will also receive some swag from the show, along with a Netflix gift card so they can start streaming. To apply, simply head to the website and explain why you’re the biggest Office fan in the world. If you want to boost your chances try submitting a video with your application too.

Oh, and on an important note, the company added, “The best part? There’s zero drug testing or background checks involved (someone tell Creed). Just remember: you can’t apply on behalf of somebody else — identity theft is not a joke.”

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