By Stacey Leasca
August 21, 2019

Nothing motivates you to get going in the morning like a good cup of coffee. But what if that cup also came with $30,000, and the only catch was you'd need to drink down that caffeine and then take time off from work to live out your dreams?

STōK Cold Brew Coffee is looking to help three people get going on pursuing their real dreams by giving them $30,000 in exchange for taking a few weeks off of work.

The chosen winners will get to “Go and experience your awesome STōK-bbatical dream of choice” for two to four weeks sometime between Oct. 1 and Dec. 15, 2019. All the winners need to do is capture and share their experience on social media using photos and videos.

Woman enjoying coffee
Credit: Ezra Bailey/Getty Images

(Not sure where you’d like to go if you won the STōK-bbatical? Here are eight dream trips to inspire you.)

According to the coffee company, to qualify for entry a person must have “An awesome STōK-bbatical dream,” must love taking photos and capturing content, enjoy posting to social media, and have “impeccable use of the hashtag game.”

The cash will be given out to three winners. So, $10,000 will go to each individual winner to use as a “stipend.” Another $20,000 will go to each of the three winners to the costs of travel.

So, are you ready to apply? All you need to do is send an email to any time from now until Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 2), with a maximum 300-word summary of what you do now for a living and what you would rather be doing if you had $30,000 to do it. The company even has a “resignation letter” ready for you to fill out and hand to your boss once you win.

Just make sure you could take those few weeks off between Oct.1 and Dec. 15, because the STōK dream waits for no one.