Calling All Pizza Lovers: This Company Is Looking for 50 People to Find Their State's Best Slice

P-I-Z-Z-A, give me pizza!

Fact: Pizza is the perfect food.

Combining tasty bread, sweet and acidic tomatoes, and gooey cheese is pretty much all we need as humans to feel satisfied. Now, you can make the heavenly experience of eating pizza your job.

Slice, an app that connects pizza lovers to over 16,000 local, independent pizzerias around the country, is looking for 50 pizza lovers to try out different pizzerias in their state to determine which are the best of the best.

Each person will be from a different state as a part of the P.I.E. Society –– that's the Promotion of Independents Everywhere –– as their state's Resident Head of Pizza. Applicants can apply to represent their state in Slice's P.I.E. Society of America and get paid to eat pizza for an entire year.

People who are obsessed with finding the perfect slice are encouraged to apply. Slice is particularly looking for a person who considers pizza the ultimate food, who doesn't discriminate about the types of pizza (meaning you should love Chicago deep dish just as much as you love New York style), and is passionate about creating content and supporting independent pizza joints.

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In exchange for their intensive pizza research, state representatives will receive a year's supply of free pizza ($1,300 value) available via the Slice app, a $500 travel stipend to try new pizzerias in their state, a content creation kit to document their pizza journey and evangelize their state's best pizzerias, a ton of Slice swag to show their "pizza pride," and exclusive deals and discounts for friends and family.

To be considered as their state's Head of Pizza, applicants can fill out the online form on the Slice P.I.E. Society website between June 24 and July 30. Winners will be notified on Aug. 13.

Andrea Romano is a freelance writer in New York City. Follow her on Twitter @theandrearomano.

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