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Your dream job awaits, snow bros and bunnies.

As winter approaches, ski resorts across the country are looking to fill positions with ski-loving employees, but one of the hardest things about finding the right job is knowing where to look.

That’s why former publisher of Mountain Resort magazine, Gard Skinner, created, a mountain-based,

“Each mountain resort has its own particular staffing puzzle to solve,” Skinner told Adventure Journal. “And one primary challenge has been the lack of a central clearinghouse for all of those opportunities that are available.”

Ski resorts are often in towns with around a 1 percent unemployment rate. When looking to staff up, they often need to look farther than the local population.

A single site for ski resort jobs helps the resorts — and job seekers, too. Potential employees can search listings that are on Google Maps, search by department, research employer profiles, or sign up for job alerts. More than 40 resorts across the U.S. have listings on the site.

“If I was still a ski bum but making a life, I’d want a job alert every week that told me exactly what had opened and where,” Skinner said. “Even if I had a good job at the time, it’d be important to know.”