Want to Get Paid to Travel? This Pro Traveler Could Help You Land the Job of Your Dreams

"My mission is to mold the travel industry's future generation.”

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Lindsay Stein wants you to know that, despite the pandemic, there really is a future for you in the travel industry if you want it. And she’ll prove it if you become part of her new network, The Roundtrip Collective.

While quarantining in New York City, Stein, who’s worked in the travel industry for a number of years as a public relations professional, decided to join TikTok. There, she posted a simple video filled with travel hacks. It went viral, and soon her inbox was filled with requests on how others could join the travel industry too.

I started getting flooded with messages from college students asking about what I do, how they can work towards their dream travel jobs, and tips on how to get started,” Stein told Travel + Leisure. “That’s when it clicked. I knew I had to do this.”

Over the course of a month, Stein said her community grew three-fold. And now she’s positive she’s got something great to offer.

“I was in their exact shoes and would have loved a mentor who has been in the industry for years and has the connections,” she said. “I realized there are no real resources like this out there, so my mission is to mold the travel industry's future generation.”

So, what do you get by joining the group? As Stein explained, The Roundtrip Collective is designed to be the “go-to hub for travel-obsessed students.” When signing up to be a member, students can expect to “gain clarity on the different travel career paths and learn inside scoop that you can't find anywhere else.” They can also expect an excellent networking opportunity and the ability to forge bonds with other students and grow together in the industry.

This is all done via courses like the Travel Career Course, which teaches students how to turn their love for travel into a full-time career. Topics covered include the different career options and how to build an online presence via website design, tech logistics, content calendars, SEO, monetizing blogs, landing paid collaborations, and more.

“Another fun perk that members love is getting notified on open travel job and intern listings, hand-selected for them,” Stein said. “I am pouring all of my heart and soul into this program to ensure it's a valuable resource for the up-and-coming travel industry pros.”

Beyond community and job listings, those who join can also gain access to industry professionals via group discussions. Those experts include people like freelance journalist and content creator Chelsea Davis and travel influencer relations manager Ariana Dickson.

As for the cost, joining comes with a one-time fee of $199. “Once a student signs up, they become an official member, gaining lifetime access to the course, community, and ongoing mentorship,” Stein said. Ready to join for yourself? Check out The Roundtrip Collective’s website.

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