The Queen Is Hiring and the Job Comes With a Room at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth II
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Brush up your resume, because this job opening includes room and board in an actual palace.

Queen Elizabeth II is looking for a new housekeeper to join her royal household. Of course, this isn’t just a typical housekeeping job, because it actually offers incredible benefits and an option to live in Buckingham Palace.

Jobs at the palace have been booming in the last few months. Back in May, it was announced that the Queen was looking for a social media manager. There have also been job postings for a chef and a party planner.

The Royal Household website states that they are looking for an “exceptional” person who has extraordinary attention to detail, is well organized, enthusiastic, and has a “proactive approach and ability to tackle new challenges.”

Experience in housekeeping is a plus, but it’s not required, according to the job posting. The Royal Household will offer training and considers this position as a chance for someone to “grow their skills.”

If you’re someone who has high standards and can be a team player, you might have a good shot at landing this job opportunity.

Plus, working at Buckingham Palace has quite a few perks. The job is full-time, five days per week, though that may involve working on a Saturday or Sunday. In addition, the Royal Household offers a “competitive salary,” 33 vacation days per year, and the option to actually live at the palace (though you don’t have to). Travel to other royal residences, such as Windsor Castle, may also be required. Of course, who would miss the opportunity to see how other royals live?

If you are ready to serve Her Majesty, you can apply for the position on the Royal Household website, now through September 15.

Interviews will be conducted on Oct. 2, according to the job posting.

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