You'll get paid in avocados.


When you were a kid, what did you dream of becoming? An astronaut? A fireman? How about a teacher or a doctor?

Yeah, all of those career choices are commendable, but we bet that even as a child your imagination couldn’t dream up a job as amazing as this: official avocado taste tester.

That’s right, one cafe in Australia is hiring a “Head of Avo Control,” whose entire job is to taste all the avocado dishes to ensure they are at peak ripeness and high on the delicious scale.

“Australia's first avocado pop-up eatery is coming to Sydney and we're looking for our city's number one avocado aficionado to be our Head of Avo Control,” the job posting reads for the position at Good Fats, the cafe opening in Sydney's Surry Hills neighborhood in November.

So what exactly will you be doing in this job? “As Head of Avo Control you will taste test each of the 20 avocado dishes on the menu before Good Fat opens its doors to the public, guaranteeing an avo-licious experience for every customer,” the posting describes. Moreover, it will be your job, if you should land this prestigious position, to be an “avocate” on social media and to “snap, gram, tweet and FB your avo experience using #OzAvoGoodFat.”

The cafe is looking for a candidate who has a minimum of two years experience in “smashing avocados on toast,” has “proven knowledge of how to check avocado ripeness,” and is generally available between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2.

This position is unpaid. However, the official avo tester will be able to eat at the pop-up cafe for the entire month that it's open, so if you’re hungry, love avocados and social media, or happen to just be in the Surry Hills neighborhood, it may be the perfect job for you.

To apply, simply send over a short cover letter with your name, contact details, and why you should be Good Fat's Head of Avo Control by Wednesday, Oct. 25.