This Underwear Company Will Pay You $500 to Sit on Your Couch

Do you love TV? Have you worn underwear on more than one occasion? Then this job might be for you.

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Have you been sitting on your couch in your underwear since March? Because, apparently, you can get paid for that.

The underwear company Pockies is on the hunt for someone special to fill its Ultimate Couch Potato role. The only skill required is a willingness to sit on the couch for five hours straight to test out the brand’s undies.

“For too long, we have been in the dark about the needs of our American customer base,” the company wrote in its job description. “Since our inception in Amsterdam five years ago, we've done our research on all things couch culture. We know a thing or two about comfort, but it seems the results of our research are only relevant for our European audience.”

That’s why the company is now looking for someone new to help them understand “American standards of comfort.” It added, “We are looking for someone [who] can spend a day on the couch in Pockies, watch TV, eat snacks, play games, has excellent remote control skills, eats a bit more, and can tell us what it was like.”

Following the session, the person will then fill out a questionnaire on their experience, explaining their likes and dislikes (if there are any) about the undies, and how the brand could make the experience even more comfortable.

In exchange for this five-hour-long couch marathon, the company will pay the person $500.

Beyond a willingness to sit on the couch, applicants must also be 18 or older, “have no ambition whatsoever,” possess a knack for hitting the snooze button, love watching TV, and “keep it real at all times,” among other qualifications. Oh, and the candidate must have also “worn underwear on more than one occasion.”

Beyond the cash, the company will also give the winner snacks and takeout for the day, a week's supply of Pockies, and the ability to add something fun to add to their resume.

Think this sounds like the role for you? If you can muster the will to sit up on the couch, head over to the company’s website now and apply.

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