This Company Will Pay You Nearly $4,000 to Rate Theme Parks in Florida

Roller Coaster at Universal Studios Orlando
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Why go back to an office when your next job can be a non-stop thrill ride?

According to Metro, UK-based company Ocean Florida is looking for an exceptionally adventurous person to test theme parks in Orlando, Florida for market research. If you love roller coasters and lots of theme park food, this is basically your dream job.

The work will be carried out over a total of three weeks in either April or May. And the best part, you’ll be paid £3,000 (about $3,950 USD) to do it.

The Ocean Florida job requirements state that the ideal candidate is someone who is over 18, is social media-savvy, can take amazing photos and videos, and can keep up with a video diary, posting their experience on Instagram.

There is even an option to bring a friend, too. The company is prepared to not only pay a salary to the candidate but also accommodate travel expenses, in-park expenses (like fast passes, food, tickets to shows, etc.), as well as lend a Go Pro to capture content and a Fit Bit to count steps taken while in the park.

And these aren’t just any old parks. They’re some of the best in the U.S., if not the works. Potential parks include Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando, and a number of smaller parks.

The candidate will not only ride roller coasters, but also sample and rate food and drink options, rate parades and shows, rate souvenir quality, take photo-ops with characters, and gather other need-to-know tidbits for guests who are looking for a theme park vacation.

To apply, fill out the online form on the Ocean Florida website. The form will ask a variety of questions, including what your favorite roller coaster is and which Disney character you most identify with.

Applications are open until Jan. 31, 2020.

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