This Online Directory Shows You Every City Willing to Pay You to Move There

Make My Move will make your day.

If there's one thing we've learned over the last year it's the importance of living the life you truly want. That means living wherever you want as well. Luckily, there are dozens of cities across the United States that are now offering thousands of dollars to people willing to relocate, and they can all be found on

MakeMyMove is a new online directory helping to connect people with cities and towns offering incentives ranging from tax breaks to cash, mortgage forgiveness to tuition reimbursement, and more, all in the name of boosting their own local populations.

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As CNBC reported, MakeMyMove currently lists 37 relocation offers. Each place comes with an in-depth destination guide providing insights on its incentive programs, including how to qualify and apply.

For example, the website lists Augusta, Maine's tax rebate offers for those who are willing to move to the state for a year or more.

"After living in Maine for the tax year, if you graduated from college after 2008, you may qualify for a tax rebate totaling the entirety of your State of Maine taxes," the website explains. "There are additional benefits for certain degrees including STEM and graduate degrees. Living in Maine, you'll learn to love the connectivity of the communities, the richness of the outdoor recreation, and of course, the maple syrup."

According to the website, Augusta's offer is valued at $15,660.

Beyond its listings, MakeMyMove also has a "Design Your Own" move feature. Users can list their ideal location and package offer. From there, the company will talk to local economic development programs to see if they can actually create it for you.

"If we get a half dozen folks saying, 'I'm looking for a lake community in the Southeast,' we can go out, find it and negotiate an offer for them," Evan Hock, founder of MakeMyMove, shared with CNBC. "It's a way for us to collect data and see opportunities to find a specific landing spot for each remote worker."

As for where people are flocking, Hock says the most popular incentive program is in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is offering software engineers $10,000 toward a new home and $1,250 toward moving expenses. Check out the website now and refresh often to see when new offers come up so you can make your move too.

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