You Can Get an All-expenses Paid Vacation to Jamaica to Bartend at This Caribbean Bar in the Ocean

Floyd's Pelican Bar, Jamaica
Photo: Poppy Hollis/Getty Images

Now’s the time to apply to the dream job you might have never thought of.

Not a lot of people dream of leaving their home and their job to go tend bar, but this job opening might give you second thoughts about that.

According to Metro, an establishment off the coast of Jamaica called Floyd’s Pelican Bar is looking for a new, temporary bartender to serve up ice cold drinks that are perfect for sipping surrounded by water.

The bar is run by Floyd Forbes, who works day-in and day-out in this gorgeous location, but even working in such an idyllic place can take its toll on someone. In order to give Forbes a vacation, Virgin Holidays is hoping to find someone to fill in for him while he’s relaxing.

Forbes’ bar isn’t your typical beachside watering hole, either. The bar itself is located one mile off the coast of Negril, Jamaica, so it’s only accessible by a 20-minute boat ride, according to Metro. It’s well worth the trouble, though, since both guests and workers are surrounded by crystal clear water when they pull up a chair at this island cabana.

The bar, built in 2001, is nailed up on stilts so it can be high and dry in the ocean, according to Atlas Obscura. At first glance, it looks a bit like a run down shack — that is, until you take in the beautiful scenery around it.

The perfect substitute bartender, according to Metro, would be comfortable commuting by boat or paddle board, eager to entertain and talk to guests while serving drinks with a smile, have good taste in music in order to create crowd-pleasing, chill playlists at the bar, a capable multitasker, a welcoming face to passing boats, and is comfortable feeding the pelicans once in a while.

There are no requirements for applying for the job, just your name and email address. There have been temporary dream job (or odd job) postings like this in the past, including a sweepstakes to run an inn off the coast of San Francisco and a call for a lifeguard at a nudist retreat. But this one feels extra special.

The chosen applicant will receive free economy, round-trip Virgin Atlantic flights to Jamaica and seven nights accommodation in a four-star hotel, and £1,000 (about $1,290 USD) spending money. It’s unclear whether you’ll get to keep your tips.

Anyone interested in taking a break and living for a week like Isaac from The Love Boat, visit the Virgin Holidays website to throw your hat in the ring.

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