This Scottish Island Is Recruiting New Residents to Join Its Population of 36

The Isle of Rum is small but beautiful, and it might just be your next home.

We’ve all dreamt of running away from it all at least once or twice, right? Most of the time, that dream passes us by. But hang on, because for those willing, this little Scottish isle is more than ready to accept a few new runaway resident dreamers.

The Isle of Rum, located 30 miles off the coast of Scotland, has opened up applications for those interested in joining its current population of about 30 people. They are currently looking for people to rent one of its four eco-homes that are currently under construction. Specifically, Metro reported, those with a trade, skill, or business that would benefit and diversify the local economy are encouraged to apply. And, those who also have children are doubly encouraged.

The Guirdil bothy at the western coastline of the Isle of Rum, a small island at the West Coast of Scotland
David Clapp/Getty Images

“We have a population of around 32 people, including six children,” resident Lesley Watt shared with Metro. “With only one child in nursery and two in our primary school we need more families to fill our school as well as to be the next generation of islanders.”

Beyond getting housing, new residents will also be given the gift of getting to live in one of the most idyllic places on Earth. You see, the island also happens to be an eight-mile-long National Nature Reserve where one can spot wild goats, deer, and white-tailed eagles flying throughout the day.

The Isle of Rum from Laig Bay, Eigg
Jörg Angeli/Getty Images

As for those looking for new work after moving, the island’s website explains there are jobs available in “childcare, food production, house maintenance, fish farming or marine and mountain tourism.”

It is important to note that all four of the homes are built rather close together, so it’s key to be a neighborly person who wouldn’t mind having the entire town over for dinner every now and then. But again, even this distance comes with perks. As the website explains, “all houses have great south-facing views, up into the Rum Cuillin.”

The application deadline has now been moved back to Aug. 28, 2020. Those interested can learn more about the island, check out the new homes, and download an application to fill out on the island’s website.

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