Anxious woman in a demanding office environment
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At one time or another in life, most people will have to work a job they hate.

But luckily for those who are currently less than thrilled with their means of earning a paycheck, the good users of Reddit have come to the rescue. The very relatable thread titled: "How do you survive working a job you hate?" has some fun tips for making every day a little less painful.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Figure out how many hours/days you need to work in order to pay for a reward you've had your eye on — like a vacation. Create a chart (a thermometer/fundraising bar works particularly well) and fill in every hour that you work as one step closer to getting that reward.

Approach the Mundane With a Sense of Humor

Turn office tedium into a game. Create a BINGO board for typical events (unnecessary meetings, repeat phone calls, printer broken) and play with your co-workers. The first one to spot all the office events and earn a straight line of five wins a drink at happy hour.

One redditor recommended drawing a 4x4 grid on a sheet of paper (totaling 16 boxes) and coloring in a box for every half-hour spent on the job. Once all the boxes are colored in, it’s time to go home.

If your workplace environment allows you to wear headphones, distract yourself with music or podcasts when you can.

Look at Things From a New Point of View

Invent an alter ego who is completely fulfilled and satisfied with this soul-sucking job. Show up to work not as yourself, but as somebody else who loves this job, this office, and all of their co-workers. Give yourself a different name and try to become that person when you walk into work. How would someone who liked this job answer the phone? How many times would they refill their coffee mug before 10 a.m.? Consider it training for that acting career that never quite worked out.