Get Paid $350 a Day to Watch True Crime Shows Like 'Tiger King'

It's time to get paid for your dark obsessions.

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Are you a true crime connoisseur?

If you’re one of those people who is fascinated by true crime shows, podcasts, and documentaries like Tiger King or Making a Murderer, you’ve just stumbled upon your dream job.

FreeUp, a career network for freelancers, is currently recruiting a dedicated true crime fan on behalf of one of the company’s clients. The position involves binging and doing deep dives into the world of true crime and creating content around it.

The chosen candidate will write both long and short form articles, as well as create social media content about the most popular true crime TV shows, films, podcasts and theories. The website they’ll be writing for will go live in the fall, and the job asks for only two days a week for $350 per day. The candidate will be expected to write about 10 articles a week at this pace, and the contract will initially be for 6 months (with possibility of extension).

At the same time, you’ll actually be getting paid to indulge in true crime media, including documentaries like "Abducted in Plain Sight," and "Don’t F**k With Cats," and podcasts like Serial, Dirty John, S-Town, and My Favorite Murder. After all, if you’re going to obsess over a sensational true crime story, why not get paid for it?

“FreeUp’s entire ethos is driven by the pleasure we get from connecting companies with the best freelance talent from across the US. You can just feel the passion from everyone working on this project and we would love to do the company the justice of finding a writer that matches their level of passion for the true crime community,” said Matt Harrison, VP Strategy at FreeUp. “This is going to be a dream job for a lot of people and we’re anticipating a lot of applications so I would urge any candidates to triple check their submissions before sending.”

If you’re the best person for the job, simply apply on the FreeUp website.

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