Colorado San Juan National Forest Cabin Hire Park Ranger
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping the daily grind, giving it all up for nature, and going off the grid, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has a job for you.

As Inside Hook reported, the department is seeking applicants to live inside its “historic guard stations” located in Colorado's San Juan National Forest. There, you’ll likely go days without seeing any other humans as the homes are located in the midst of 597,373 untouched acres of forest.

The two homes, one known as the Guard Station at Mancos and the other known as the Glade Guard Station near Cortez, are equally adorable and picturesque. The first, according to Inside Hook, is a three-bedroom log cabin that comes complete with a kitchen, propane tank, water well, solar system, and wood-burning stove, while the second is a small white cottage with similar indoor features that also comes complete with a barn and some newly installed corrals.

The job of course comes with its fair share of duties. According to the department’s description, person or persons living in the cabins must take care of all waste and garbage management, maintain the home and all utilities, ensure the grounds around the home are up to code, and oversee all vacation rentals of the home. But the bonus there is that any leftover revenue from rentals after paying “fair market value” to the government is yours to keep.

If you’re interested in this truly unique living situation, make sure to have your application in by Friday, Oct. 27. But just remember, it’s a two-year commitment, with the option to extend for five more years after that, so be ready with plenty of Netflix documentaries and a library’s worth of books at your disposal for those long, cold, pleasantly lonely nights living in solitude.