This Sweets Company Is Hiring a Chief Candy Officer — Here's How to Apply

Applications are open now until Aug. 31.

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While you may have been told to lay off the candy as a child, this company actually is looking to pay someone to do just that — seriously.

Candy Funhouse, an online Canadian candy warehouse, is hiring a Chief Candy Officer, with pay up to $78,341.66 ($100,000 CAD) annually. The company has the job posted both on its site and on LinkedIn (with currently over 200 applicants, according to the platform).

Duties will include tasting over 3,500 candies a month, choosing which new candies the company will cover, leading company strategy, running candy board meetings, and "all things fun," reads the listing on LinkedIn.

Candy Funhouse is the self-proclaimed "biggest online candy store in the world." The warehouse sells everything from retro candies like Razzles and Wax Bottles to sweets from Japan, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and more. The company also offers pre-made boxes that are easy to ship as well as candy for specific diets like Halal, Kosher, and even non-sweet treats like bagged pickles and flower arrangements.

While the company states applicants do not need any previous experience, Candy Funhouse is looking for an enthusiastic candidate and natural born leader with an excellent set of communication skills, fluency in English, and no food allergies.

While the position is remote, American employees can opt to work out of the company's New Jersey office, while those in Canada can work out of their Toronto location.

Applications are open from now through the end of August.

The application process is simple; if applying on LinkedIn candidates will be asked to upload their most recent resume, and answer as to being asked if they are comfortable on camera. If applying to the site directly, applicants can choose to upload a cover letter, although it is not required.

And yes, the job description notes that the role comes with dental insurance.

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