By Talia Avakian
March 14, 2019
Busabout is looking for six travelers willing to embark on spontaneous adventures across the globe.
Credit: Courtesy of Busabout

Last year, bus adventure company Busabout sent a team of four content creators across Europe, and now it's back with another opportunity to travel across the globe.

The company is looking for six people to take part in The Great Travel Experiment, inviting risk-taking travelers on an all-expenses-paid journey worth $10,400 this summer.

Busabout will pay each of the six travelers $260 per week in addition to covering all transportation and accommodation costs as they make their way across Asia, the U.S., or Europe.

There are two positions open for trips to each destination. Busabout is looking for a videographer with strong filming and editing skills and an Instagram storyteller who can comfortably perform in front of a camera and share stories of the team’s travels with an engaged audience.

Applicants can also apply as a team, as long as they consist of one videographer and one Instagram content creator.

The trips include a six-week journey through Asia to explore bustling night markets, strolls through ancient temples, visits to quaint villages, and jungle stops from May through June, and a six-week journey through the U.S. to see some of the country’s magnificent national parks, taste traditional Southern cuisine, and discover the country from coast to coast from June through July.

The third trip is an 11-week journey to Europe that takes place from July through September across famed cities like Paris and Rome, and through some of the continent's lesser-known destinations.

The winners will each be grouped into pairs and will be responsible for documenting their trips to share on social channels, but the key attribute they’ll need is the ability to be flexible.

That’s because the company’s Instagram followers will be the people deciding what types of experiences the six candidates will take part in during their journeys, from the foods they'll eat to the sports and activities they'll try.

Interested applicants are invited to apply on Busabout’s website by picking their position and destination of interest, and recording a 60-second video showing the best locations in their hometown.

Be sure to include the Great Travel Experiment logo in the video thumbnail, the hashtags #travelexperiment and #busabout in the video title, and to make the video publicly visible for the application.

Candidates will also need to be able to travel for up to 12 weeks, submit applications in English, be at least 18 years of age, and have a valid passport or visa for the duration of the trip.

Winners will be chosen by the public through a voting system on the company’s website. Applications are open now through 11:59 p.m. GMT on April 8. Winners will be announced by April 21.