The human eye can detect close to 10 million different color variations. We distinguish those hues, the American Academy of Optomology explains, when light hits an object and the object either absorbs or reflects it. That reflected light then enters the human eye before hitting the retina in the back of the eye, which deciphers the color in milliseconds.

It’s a complex and miraculous thing that bodies are capable of, yet somehow, your partner can’t tell the difference between eggshell and off-white for the new living room color.

If you’re a true color fanatic who can discern between the two hues — and know the difference between robin’s egg blue from cerulean, and laugh at those who don’t know that flaxen and canary are two types of yellow — then Behr paint is looking for you.

This summer, Behr Paint is hiring for the dream job of “color explorer” to those who love color and are intrigued by where exactly all the off-the-wall paint names, crayons, and nail polishes come from.

Applications open for the job on April 24. As part of the role, the person is expected to traverse the United States and Canada to source color inspiration. Then, the person will create and name a new Behr Paint color that people will actually be able to purchase.

“People are fascinated by the paint color-naming process. It requires a lot of time and creativity because each name tells a microstory about the specific shade,” Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at Behr Paint, said in a statement. “Our color experts travel the globe tracking down emerging color trends, and we’re excited to give our Behr Color Explorer a glimpse into this process by sending them on a search for new, dynamic hues to add to Behr Paint’s color collection.”

According to Behr, their new hire’s summer of color may include kayaking the glacial blues of Lake Louise in Banff, Canada, taking in the bold exteriors of Charleston’s Rainbow Row, soaking in the sights and sounds at a vibrant music festival, and so much more.

Lake Louise in Banff, Canada
Credit: Steve Smith/Getty Images

For the role, Behr will cover this individual’s travel expenses and pay the color-lover a $10,000 stipend for their time.

Want to apply? Just visit and tell Behr what color inspires you most and why in 150 words or less, by May 15, 2019. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age and a resident of the continental U.S. or Canada, with a valid passport.