JetBlue Just Launched a New App for Planning Group Trips

Introducing Troupe.


Courtesy of JetBlue

Planning a trip with a group of friends? JetBlue may have just made the process even easier.

Cue Troupe, a free app to make planning group trips — say, a family reunion or a bachelorette party — an interactive, seamless, and collective effort.

The app, designed by the airline's subsidiary, JetBlue Travel Products, allows multiple parties to build the concept of a group trip together, eliminating the need to have one person spearhead the whole thing (or worse, several travelers vying for control over the trip).

"Anyone who has organized a vacation with a group of friends or family knows that getting everyone to agree on details can take the fun out of travel planning," Andres Barry, president of JetBlue Travel Products, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Specifically, travelers can use the app to collectively narrow down dates, destinations, accommodations, and activities as a group — all in a single place that's not an ever-dinging group text or a messy mass email thread. Individual parties can suggest ideas for different parts of the itinerary, including sharing links and videos, for everything from hotels and Airbnbs to restaurants or tours. Once suggestions are made, everyone can leave comments to provide feedback on others' ideas. Eventually, the group can make the final selection for all the trip's details in a democratic fashion via a voting function.

And finally, once everything is locked in, RSVPs for the trip can be managed right in the app, and everyone can keep an eye on the itinerary in one easy-to-access place.

"There's no denying that planning a vacation for a large group can be overwhelming, especially when everyone's requirements are different,” said Alexandra Zubko, Troupe's CEO. "Troupe was designed to make group trip planning fun, not stressful, and working with JetBlue Travel Products to bring this product to life was a no-brainer."

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