Travelers Say This Affordable, Cooling Eye Balm Is Their ‘Go-to’ for De-puffing After a Flight

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While thrilling, there’s no doubt that traveling can do a number on your skin, especially if you’re not getting enough sleep or hydrating adequately during your journey. If you’ve ever struggled with puffiness (particularly under the eyes) after a long flight you’re certainly not alone, but the good news is your skincare routine may be able to act as an impressively effective countermeasure — especially if you’re selecting the right products.

Look no further than the editor-loved skincare brand, Tula, which is overflowing with high-quality products that can support healthy and ageless skin, no matter your travel plans. Our recommendation? The Tula Hydrating Day & Night Treatment Eye Balm which has earned a near perfect 4.4 star rating and is an affordable $38. This will be your best kept secret to faking a good night’s sleep — even after a long-haul flight.

hydrating day & night treatment eye balm


To buy:, $38

This multi-purpose under eye cream is a powerhouse addition to your skincare routine, whether you’re on the road or parked up at home. Available in a travel-ready tube, the balm is formulated with ingredients such as squalane and caffeine, as well as apple and watermelon to not only hydrate your skin, but also firm the under-eye area and even reduce puffiness. 

Peptides and collagen in the balm are effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, even helping to add a healthy plumpness that may otherwise be difficult to achieve after a late night, stressful week, or far-from-restful flight. The best part is that this balm can be used both morning and night for double duty, even functioning as a smooth primer underneath your makeup during the day. 

And if you’re aiming to make a long term investment in your complexion, a clinical study revealed that 90 percent of participants noted firmer skin throughout the trial, while 93 percent of people shared that their wrinkles appeared to be less noticeable after just one month.

hydrating day & night treatment eye balm


To buy:, $38

Shoppers can’t help but rave about the benefits of this multi-functional eye balm, with one customer dubbing the Tula Hydrating Day & Night Treatment Eye Balm their “go-to product to use pre-flight to combat puffiness,” explaining that it “goes on super smooth” and “feels calming on the skin.” Another shopper agreed, calling the lightweight formula a “game changer” because it “helps with the circles” around their eyes and “depuffs.” 

Even if you’re simply looking for something to refresh tired skin after a long flight, shoppers confirm that this product provides a “cooling sensation,” and is perfect to “put in my purse for use on the go.” In fact, one customer revealed that they “don’t feel the need to wear concealer anymore” since they began using the balm.

hydrating day & night treatment eye balm


To buy:, $38

It can take years of trial and error to find a skincare routine that contains ingredients that actually work for you, but the Tula Hydrating Day & Night Treatment Eye Balm takes the guesswork out of your skincare lineup. Not to mention it’s incredibly packable for your next vacation at just $38. With an ingredients list that’s stacked with powerful de-puffing and firming agents, gone are the days of tired, dull skin once you arrive at your destination. 

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glow + get it cooling & brightening eye balm


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At the time of publishing, the price started at $38.

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