This Smart TikTok Hack Can Help You Quickly Find Your Kids If You Lose Them in a Crowd

Try not to panic. "Look loud" instead.

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Traveling with kids can be the biggest joy on Earth. Getting to experience a new adventures with little ones allows you to see the world through both your eyes and theirs. However, sometimes disaster can strike, and for a quick second, you lose sight of your kid in a crowded place like an airport, a busy hotel lobby, on the beach, or in a museum. Though it’s understandable to feel panicked, try to remain calm and remember the “look loud” method, as dubbed by TikToker Jess Martini

“I lost my three-year-old in a kid’s play place today, and thank god for TikTok and how it taught me how to find her fast. Another mom found her for me and found her way faster than if I had done what I normally would have done,” TikTok user Krista Piper shared in a viral post explaining how to find your child in a crowded place faster. 

She went on to explain that the play place she was at with her children was “huge,” running the entire length of a science museum. Piper says she was chatting with another mother at the playground when “all of a sudden, I don’t know where my 3-year-old is.” 

When she started looking for her daughter, Lily, Piper says a “light bulb” went off in her head, remembering a TikTok she had seen explaining the “look loud” method.

“Instead of yelling out the kid’s name, she yelled out the description of what her child was wearing,” Piper explained. 

“So that is what I did. I stopped calling out her name, and I started yelling ‘little girl, pink shirt, pink Minnie Mouse shirt' … and I heard behind me, other moms repeating that.” 

Eventually, another mom recognized the description and called out that she had found her daughter. Piper added: “PSA, if you ever lose your child, or dog, or anything, yell out their description. Raise your voice.” 

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