These Long-lasting Hand Warmers Keep Me Almost Too Warm in Winter — and a Pair Is Less Than $1 at Amazon

The TSA-approved hand warmers come in handy for hiking, skiing, outdoor sports events, winter storms, and travel to cold climates like Antarctica.

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The first time I experienced frostnip, or mild frostbite, was when I took a trip to Yellowstone National Park in the dead of winter. The temperature dropped to negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit (with wind chill), and no matter how many layers I wore, the cold kept seeping in. Seeing moose, bighorn sheep, and wolves up close was breathtaking, but my fingers would not cooperate to click the shutter on my camera. I set out to find a solution and stumbled upon HotHands Hand Warmers, which work so well they almost keep you too warm in winter.

Designed to provide warmth for up to 10 hours, the odorless hand warmers are air-activated, which means all you need to do is open the outer package and shake them to activate the heat. Pro tip: They warm up in 15 to 30 minutes, so it is best to take them out before you head out the door. If the heat begins to dissipate, simply expose the warmers to the air and give them a shake. This reactivates the active components, and they’ll emit heat again.

Fortunately, they are TSA approved, so you’ll never have issues flying with them. In fact, I won’t travel in the winter without them. The hand warmers have become a staple in my household for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sports (my son puts them inside of his lacrosse gloves), and for winter walks. And given the recent freezing temperatures from Winter Storm Elliott, it’s the perfect time to stock up on hand warmers — especially now that they are on sale at Amazon. You can score 40 pairs of HotHands Hand Warmers for less than $25 right now.

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To buy: $24 for 40 pairs (originally $26)

 With more than 35,000 five-star ratings, these hand warmers are practical and efficient, making them useful for everything from camping and hiking to hunting and fishing to skiing and working outdoors — even in negative temperatures. One skier said they use them every day and confirmed that they “last for 8 to 10 hours.” They added, “I have poor circulation in my hands and they are a must for me to get out. We had some minus 17-degree-Fahrenheit days, and I could not survive without these warmers.” 

And travelers are fans too, with one sharing: “Was great for our trip to Antarctica!! A hint, just keep them in your pockets — then put your hands in... they stay warm most of the day!” Another traveler brought these hand warmers on a week-long trip to Alaska and highlighted how versatile they were. They wrote, “[I] used them to not only keep hands and feet warm, but also [to keep] my phone warm in negative 20 degree temperatures (to prevent the phone battery from instantly dying).”

Come winter, I always buy several boxes and stash a few pairs in the car, in my carry-on, and even in my purse when I run errands. They are small and lightweight and one pouch holds a set of two — one for each pocket or glove. 

I also like that they are odorless, so there is no metallic smell or residue unlike some other products on the market. After use, I dispose of the hand warmers with regular garbage as the ingredients are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment. 

The HotHands Hand Warmers are not just useful for the outdoors; they work great indoors, as well. I always stash some in my gloves when I go for ice hockey games or ice skating. If you work in a production facility or a food storage site where temperatures are kept low, these are the perfect choice to keep you comfortable.

The compact, universal size of the hand warmers allows them to fit into gloves, beanies, and jacket pockets. On particularly frigid days, I even put a pair in my pant pockets. They give me enough heat to take my dog for a walk in the coldest Chicago days. 

And if you’re looking for ways to keep your feet and body toasty, you’ll also want to check out HotHands Toe Warmers and HotHands Super Warmers, which are made to fit inside pockets to keep your body warm. Now that January is approaching and more aggressive winter weather is on its heels, it’s the ideal time to pick up a box of HotHands Hand Warmers while it's on sale.

HotHands Toe Warmers


To buy:, $34 for 40 pairs

HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmers


To buy:, $27 for 40 individual warmers (originally $60)

 At the time of publishing, the price was $24.

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