Hotel guests in a lobby.
Credit: Getty Images

If resorts, inns and bungalows are a grand experiment in communal living, there are plenty of ways for that experiment to go horribly wrong.

From guests who insist on walking barefoot through the lobby, to couples who decide to have an ear-splitting fight in the hallway in the middle of the night, hotels are rife with opportunities for irritation among visitors.

Expedia released this week its annual survey of hotel etiquette, including the most aggravating guest behavior. Independent market researcher GfK compiled the list through a survey of some 1,018 U.S. residents. For anyone who has been repetitively splashed by an unsupervised child at a hotel pool, it should come as no surprise that “inattentive parents” landed on the top of the list of complaints for the second year in a row, cited by 72 percent of people surveyed.

The top categories after “inattentive parents” were “hallway hellraisers,” cited by 69 percent of respondents, and “in-room revelers,” cited by 59 percent.

Other top archetypes ranged from the, er, overly affectionate to the wild party animals. The rest of the list

  • Inattentive parents: 72 percent
  • Hallway hellraisers: 69 percent
  • In-room revelers: 59 percent
  • Complainers: 53 percent
  • Bickerers: 35 percent
  • The Loudly Amourous: 29 percent
  • Poolside Partiers: 28 percent
  • Hot Tub Canoodlers: 22 percent
  • Business Bar Boozers: 17 percent
  • Elevator Chatterbox: 9 percent

For a vivid portrait of what vacation stress can look like from start to finish, Expedia has also compiled a list of the worst types of airline passengers, where inattentive parents also make an appearance.