She knew her lover only as "Michael."

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A 2010 romantic tryst is coming back to haunt one woman and the hotel she stayed in.

For three nights in June of 2010, an unidentified woman reportedly stayed at a hotel in Halle, Germany with a male companion she only knew as “Michael.” Then, nine months later, the woman gave birth to a son who she believes was the result of the hotel encounter.

The woman attempted to extract information from the hotel she stayed in, asking it to provide her with contact information for the man she believes is the boy’s father so she could seek child support, according to The Telegraph.

However, the hotel refused the woman’s request, saying it is under no legal obligation to provide the personal data of one of its former guests. Moreover, at the time of her stay, there were four male guests staying at the hotel with the first name Michael. After the hotel refused her request, the woman filed a case against the Munich-based hotel chain, however her request was quickly denied there, too.

The court’s decision, filed under the title "Father Roulette," simply said: “This right is affected by the exposure of the data because as a result, the possibility of [the man having] a sexual relationship with the complainant, as the mother of the child, would be irrefutably placed in the room.”

The court noted, according to The Local, that the man’s right to protect his family or marriage took precedence over the woman’s right to child support. Additionally, the court added that it was entirely possible that the woman did not have the man’s correct name.