westin tent amenity
Credit: Courtesy of Westin

Tents aren’t just for camping in the great outdoors anymore. As a part of their revamped family program, beginning in the new year, Westin Hotels & Resorts will offer one of the coolest new amenities for kids: in-room tents. So here’s how to win the mom and dad of the year award: Simply request a tent sent to the guest room (in advance is best for the surprise factor) and it will be made up with Westin’s signature Heavenly pillows and blankets. (The tents fit in a standard size guest room, so don’t feel you have to splurge on a suite to take advantage of this.) The program is rolling out first in Europe and then in North America, where Westin has family-friendly properties in locations such as Maui, Hilton Head, and St. John. There is no fee for the service.

In addition to the tent amenity, Westin is now offering personalized travel journals, local activity guides, and an “Eat Well” menu. The Kids Clubs themselves will go through staggered renovations, using responsibly sourced or recycled materials. The new design, which takes inspiration from nature, encourages thoughtful play and exploration by having winding pathways, gardens, and loads of natural light. Also, there are unique classes or amenities for kids to suit the Westin location. In Bangkok, for example, families can experience a Thai language course.