If you’ve already downloaded The Pattern, Co-Star, and DailyHoroscope, check each one religiously, and know exactly which phase of the moon you were born under, then it’s time for you to visit the W Los Angeles - West Beverly Hills, too.

In February, the hotel announced its new Zodiac Guide to Los Angeles package in partnership with Susan Miller, an astrology expert and founder of the cult-favorite website and app, Astrology Zone.

Guests who visit the hotel and book the zodiac package will receive a Los Angeles city guide tailored to their individual star sign. They’ll also receive a Slip zodiac sleep mask as well as an Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil turndown amenity to help get a peaceful night of sleep, so they can make the most of their personalized trip.

W Hotel Los Angeles West Beverly Hills Zodiac package
Credit: Courtesy of W Hotels

Want a taste of what the guides look like?

For example, an Aries trip is tailored to the sign’s love of freedom and adventure.

“Your ruler, Mars, is the warrior planet, and has blessed you with a zesty love of experience. Bored easily, you constantly seek a bigger, better challenge,” the guide explains. “For you, dear Aries, R&R involves activities that are nothing like your everyday routine. That daring spirit and desire for perpetual accomplishment could lead an Aries straight into an exhilarating adventure at Universal Studios, where you’ll likely end up experiencing the height of L.A. filmmaking in a single afternoon.”

Other stops for those under the Aries sign include Bay Cities for a delicious sandwich to go along with a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Then, head out for a hike in Temescal Canyon before stopping in for a glass of wine at the Rosenthal Wine Bar. Before going back, guests are encouraged to check out the Hollywood Bowl to take in a show.

And that’s just a glimpse from one of the star signs covered in the guide. Get your own personal guide by booking a stay now.