Guests can skip a four-year waitlist for an appointment with Joey Pang.

By Christopher Tkaczyk
February 07, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of Joey Pang

Starting in July, the four W Hotels in New York City will play host to world-famous tattoo artists who will work in residency as part of a new guest program that aims to cultivate unique guest experiences.

From July 4 to 13, world-renowned ink artist Joey Pang will recreate her Hong Kong studio inside the Extreme Wow Suite at the W New York Union Square. Guests staying at the hotel during that period will get exclusive access to book an appointment with Pang.

Known worldwide for her Chinese calligraphy and water painting, Pang is one of most in-demand custom body artists and typically has a four-year waitlist. Guests staying at the hotel during her residency will get to jump the line. Pang’s typical rate is $4,500 per day. Sessions for the New York residency will start at $1,600 per hour.

Credit: Courtesy of Joey Pang

“We are hugely connected to design,” Tanya De Costa, marketing manager for the W Hotel Union Square, told Travel + Leisure. “It’s one of our passion points and our ethos as a brand.”

“We showcase artists on a quarterly basis, but this will be the first time that we have a tattoo artist-in-residence,” she said. “Joey Pang is a perfect match for us. She’s a rare talent.”

Guests will receive an exclusive VIP e-mail with information on how to book an appointment.

“We think her schedule will fill up quickly,” De Costa said. Each hotel’s W Insider, the brand’s personalized concierge who provides insider access to local events and eateries, will help facilitate the bookings.

Reached via Skype at the Tattoo Temple in Hong Kong, Pang told T+L: “My concept of body art is one body, one tattoo.”

She also said that clients should come prepared. “I need people to have a strong idea about what they want when I first meet them. We can work it out together, but if they don’t have a clear vision, I will tell them to go home and figure it out.”

Though Pang is the only tattoo artist announced so far, W Hotels has confirmed that is in discussion with more artists, including Los Angeles’s Mr. Cartoon and Atlanta’s Tuki Carter, for its three other properties in New York.

Joey Pang will take up residency inside the Extreme Wow Suite at the W New York - Union Square.
| Credit: W New York - Union Square